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Frequently Asked Questions - ESG

E1. Does providing a hospital bed for someone with kidney failure qualify under special needs?
Under ESG regulations the participant must either be homeless or at-risk of homelessness per definitions outlined in CFR 576.2, depending on which component your program delivers.

E2. What are the requirements for ESG Match?
The match requirement is equal to the amount awarded (dollar-for-dollar). The match may be from any source other than an ESG grant from another entity. Contributions that are restricted by the awardee or that have been or will be counted as satisfying a matching requirement of another Federal grant or award may not count as satisfying the matching requirement. The ESG Interim Rule regulations for types of match may be found at 24 CFR 576.201 and requirements for documenting matching contributions are described in section 576.500(o). The ESG Program Requirements can be accessed online.

E3. Are Operating expenses for homeless programs limited to expenses for operating an actual shelter, or do you think it's available for Supportive Service programs as well?
The "Emergency Shelter" goal is for program/project expenses related to operating costs or services within the shelter for both CDBG and ESG. Please refer to the application ESG Overview in the Instructions and/or Budget Information in Section III (Budget Tables-Excel file) of the application for more specific eligible expenses.

E4. What goals should we list for the entire Homeless Prevention Initiative?
The goals should include the proposed number of individuals to be served by the requested ESG funds and the matching funds.