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Section III - Financial Information and Budget Forms

1. We have developed our budget and are working to secure funding from other sources, so we are unable to document leveraged funds at this time. We have support for our overall program, but not the specific project in our application. How should we document this in our application?
The budget needs to include all the costs necessary to run the program. This can include the committed or anticipated amount of funding you expect to use as leverage and any in-kind contributions.

2. If one of the Budget for Grant Activity Forms included in the RFP does not apply to our program/project, should we omit the page or include it marked with "N/A"?
Include the name of the attachment (or group of attachments if an entire section does not apply) and mark with "N/A."

3. The budget form doesn't have enough lines. Do you want us to submit an excel spread sheet?
If you submit a more detailed Excel spreadsheet for your budget, it must contain the same information as the RFP (i.e., Columns A-D, the certification language and the signature information).

4. What is the purpose of the question "Will the proposed program/project affect the organization's budget?" Is a "yes" answer viewed negatively? Do you prefer proposals for one-time projects, or for ongoing programs, as opposed to proposals for new programs?
The purpose of the question is to determine if the program/project may or may not affect the organization’s budget.  If the response is yes, that the program/project will affect the organization’s budget, then a description of how the organization’s budget will be affected is required. GA cannot state that a yes answer will or will not be viewed negatively. At this time, there is no criteria for proposal preference regarding one-time projects, ongoing programs, or new programs.