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Section IV - Certifications

1. What if our Board cannot meet and sign the "Board Signature Authorization Form" before the application is due?
If an agency's board has not met and voted to approve the submission of the grant application by the time the application is due, applications will be accepted with the condition that the approved minutes of the board meeting and a copy of the signed certification will be submitted to as soon after the due date as possible. Please place a note on a cover page or on the certification form stating the date of the next board meeting and when the certificate will be forwarded.

2. Volunteers - Do we need to list every volunteer and their phone numbers in RFP Certification Form – 3?
If your agency has many volunteers, please list the number of volunteers and the name and contact information of your agency's staff member who coordinates the volunteer efforts.

3. Is it possible for the same person to sign for more than one position on the same certification form?

4. On Grant Certification Form 3, should we list proposed funding sources?
No. There are other areas in the application that you can document any proposed or pending funding sources. The Grant Certification Form 3 is for only committed funding sources and must include documentation to substantiate that commitment.

5. Our agency has too many Private Funds to list on Grant Certification Form 3. Do we need to list all 100-plus people's names and contact information as an attachment? What if they want to remain anonymous?
For multiple funders, create and label a new table as an attachment similar to the original form. Once you have listed all donors (for donors wishing to remain anonymous, label them as "anonymous") place the consolidated total(s) from this attachment under the appropriate category on the original Form 3. Indicate on the original form that the following page gives detailed information. Remember to provide documentation for any funds listed in this section. (Agencies should redact names of donors wishing to remain anonymous.) For donations that are not documentable commitments, those must be included in the "Pending Leveraged Funds" in the Executive Summary the RFP.

6. On the Grant Certification Form 3 there is only one line for us to enter information about grants we have received for the project and only 2 lines for "other." What do we do if we have several different grants (all non-governmental grants)? There is no space to list all of the funding sources.
Agencies should follow the instructions stated on Grant Certification Form-3, "Private Funds (Attach additional pages, if necessary)." Agencies may list additional data by creating a new table using the same format and information as contained in the original certification form. Once all grants, loans, donations, contact information, amounts, etc. are listed, transfer the total(s) to the original certification form in the appropriate row. Make a note on the original signed certification that you have attached additional information to the form.