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Bid Opportunities and Results

Bid Results:

Bid # (Addendum) Awarded Bidder(s) Description
IFB 24-306 (0) Uninterruptible Power Supply Units
TAC 1085B (0) High Visibility Shirts
TAC 1040A (1) Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) & Hardware
TAC 633D (0) Presort Mail Service
IFB 24-903 (0) No Bids Received Sale of 2013 Used Airbus Helicopter
TAC 991C (0) Park Mowing, Trimming/Edging & Debris Removal Services - Route 4
IFB 24-302 (3) Advance Boiler Repair & Service, Inc. Burnham Boiler Retubing
TAC 1286 (1) HDPE Meter Boxes & Lids for "True Reads" Meter Project
TAC 074E (0) Truck Repair Services; International Truck
TAC 067G (0) Automotive Oil, Fuel, Air, & Hydraulic Filters
TAC 649G (0) Sewer Operation & Maintenance/Sewer Base Inspections Facilities Janitorial Services
IFB 24-804 (0) Kubota of Northwest Arkansas dba Kubota of Grove 72" Mowers
TAC 923B (3) Blue Corp Building Management, LLC OTC Janitorial Services
TAC 064G (0) Anchor Stone Company Limestone Aggregate
TAC 550N (1) Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)
IFB 24-802 (0) Kubota of Northwest Arkansas dba Kubota of Grove 15' Batwing Mower
TAC 1285 (0) EMC Electrical Mechanical Company Industrial Electrician Services for Mulch Site
TAC 1096A (1) Parking Systems of America, LP OTC Parking Garage Management Services
TAC 075i (0) SBM Corporation Vehicle Lubrication Services
TAC 280F (0) English Color & Supply, LP Automotive Paint & Supplies