Purchasing Bid Opportunities & Results

Below are the Current Bid Opportunities and Bid Results for the City of Tulsa.

Bid to Be Opened

Click on the Bid Number to download the Bid Specifications. Any supplemental information for the Bid will appear as links in the Attachments field. 

Bids are opened on Thursdays; all bids are due no later than 5 p.m. the day before the opening date.

Bid Results

Click on the Bid Number to access the Bid Specifications and Bid Results.  

Contact the Purchasing Department for Bid Results prior to 2017.

For assistance with Current Bid Opportunities or Bid Results, contact Julie Miller at  (918) 596-7564. 

Bids to be Opened:

Bid # (Addendum) Response Deadline Description
TAC 075F (0) 8/15/2018 Vehicle Lubrication Service City Wide
TAC 163D (1) 8/15/2018 John Deere Backhoe, Tractor and Industrial Repair Services
TAC 400D (0) 8/15/2018 Helicopter Maintenance and Repair
TAC 446F (0) 8/15/2018 Safety Shoe Program
TAC 148F (1) 8/22/2018 Electric Motor Repair
TAC 1129B (1) 8/22/2018 Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Plants
IFB 19-604 (0) 8/22/2018 Animal Control Truck Box
TAC 1920 (1) 8/22/2018 Bell Helicopter Rolls Royce 250-C30P Engine Overhaul, Repairs, Parts & Supplies
CSP TAC 527E (1) 8/22/2018 Professional Services for Merchant and Gateway Services
TAC 278F (0) 8/29/2018 Lab Supplies
TAC 577E (0) 8/29/2018 Laboratory Services
TAC 1098C (0) 8/29/2018 Animal Medical & Surgical Supplies
TAC 118E (0) 8/29/2018 Sodium Hypochlorite
TAC 1055C (0) 8/29/2018 Mid-Size Pickup Truck 2 Wheel Drive
RFP TAC 983B (0) 8/29/2018 Operation of McClure Recreation Center
IFB 19-606 (0) 9/5/2018 10 Foot Snow Plow
TAC 1155 (0) 9/5/2018 Forklift 5,000 Lbs
RFP TAC 899B (0) 9/5/2018 Tulsa Police Department Promotional Testing
RFP IFB 19-605 (0) 9/12/2018 Deferred Compensation Plan