Purchasing Bid Opportunities & Results

Below are the Current Bid Opportunities and Bid Results for the City of Tulsa.

Bid to Be Opened

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Bids are opened on Thursdays; all bids are due no later than 5 p.m. the day before the opening date.

Bid Results

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Contact the Purchasing Department for Bid Results prior to 2017.

For assistance with Current Bid Opportunities or Bid Results, contact Julie Miller at  (918) 596-7564. 

Bid Results:

Bid # (Addendum) Awarded Bidder(s) Description
16-908A (1) Filter Backwash Pipe and Installation Service
16-754 (1) Bi-Fuel Generators 250 and 300kW
16-604B (0) Key Equipment & Supply Company Sewer Easement Cleaning Machine & Equipment
17-913 (0) Ruhrpumpen, Inc. Removal & Installation of Butterfly Valves
17-916 (1) Tue Blue Heating & Cooling, LLC HVAC Units/Installation Services
TAC 364H (1) Polydyne, Inc. Emulsion Polymer
TAC 071C (2) IPC (USA), Inc. Gasoline & Diesel Fuel
17-501 (1) AT &T NetMotion Mobility Annual Maintenance and Support
CSP TAC 1078 (6) Personnel Scanning Services
LOI/SOQ TAC 1086 (3) Records & Case Management System
17-914 (0) Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Chief Fire & Safety Co. and AAH Acquisition Fire Hose
17-915 (1) Yellowhouse Machinery Co. of Oklahoma Tracked Excavator
CSP TAC 1080A (0) TPD Fingerprinting & Imaging System
TAC 875A (2) Maintenance of Indoor House Plants OTC
TAC 1041A (1) Body Worn Camera & Accessories
TAC 090C (1) Automotive Air Conditioning Parts & Supplies
17-911 (1) HAVIS Console Boxes
TAC 077E (1) Motor Oil, Lubricants, & Grease
17-912 (0) Light Bars & Sirens
16-753 (0) Professional Upright Pianos