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Employee Brag Bag

City of Tulsa employees work hard every day to make our city better. We're pleased to pass along Departmental Awards and Kudos from Tulsa Citizens about our great workforce.

Updated 2/13/2020

City Receives Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite - Gold Star Employer 
The City of Tulsa received the Gold Star Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite recognition from the Oklahoma State Department of Health, the Oklahoma Breastfeeding Resource Center, and the Coalition of Oklahoma Breastfeeding Advocates. The City is now a Gold Star Employer for its outstanding support to Oklahoma mothers and their breastfeeding infants and children. The City of Tulsa is now just one-of-two municipalities in the State of Oklahoma recognized for this effort. 

For employees, the City made a new policy to accommodate Nursing Mothers in City facilities. You can find more information about the policy, nursing mother procedures, a nursing mothers handout and get the nursing mothers room sign on the Personnel Policies and Procedures page. 

Updated 1/27/2019

City Receives Award for Altamont Apartments Rehabilitation Project 
The City of Tulsa received the 2020 Audrey Nelson Community Development Award from the National Community Development Association for the Altamont Apartments Rehabilitation project in the downtown Cathedral District. None of this would have been possible without the Finance Department and Grants Administration who helped secure the nearly $1 million grant funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the City of Tulsa HOME Investment Partnerships Program, as well as nearly $1 million from the National Housing Trust Fund and another $1 million in private equity from Mental Health Association Oklahoma. 

Updated 1/23/2020

Homebuilder Praises Engineering Services Employee for Excellent Customer Service
During the holidays, a local homebuilder took time to reach out to Engineering Services to commend the excellent customer service he received when researching a piece of property for sale in Tulsa. 

Here's what he had to say:
"I’ve been a homebuilder in Tulsa for the last 28 years. I needed some information on a piece of property that I’m looking to purchase and spoke with Chris Gimmel. His customer service skills, information, and willingness to help me understand was outstanding. I know many city employees don’t ever hear back from customers, other than the bad stuff, but this guy was outstanding and I’d like to pass on the great management skills and support you’ve displayed for your employee. I only wish all departments worked with his enthusiasm to help the citizens of Tulsa ... You may be laying the new grounds for city employees.... that’s what I want to believe. Good luck to you and your department."

Updated 11-19-2019

Water & Sewer Earn Sustainable Tulsa Gold Level, Win Innovative Practice Award
Environmental Compliance Coordinator Sheila Vega and her team at Water & Sewer earned the Sustainable Tulsa Gold Level and won the Innovative Practice Award in the Healthy Work Environment category. Sheila and her team have added additional recycling beyond what’s accepted in the bins, planted a Monarch Waystation and got it certified, stopped offering Styrofoam cups and plates in the office, opting for real dishes and silverware, and have kept up a “Plant Library,” which won her team the Innovative Practice Award.

Updated 10-14-2019

Tulsa Fire Receives 2019 First Responders Award
The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) recognized Tulsa Fire's Heather Greenwood, Bill Esmeyer and Joe Sherrell with the 2019 First Responders Award, stemming from their work with the Community Response Team (CRT) and integrating mental health training into refreshers. 

Updated 9-24-2019

City Receives Two Awards for 2019 Arkansas River Flood Event
Congratulations to all employees who worked the 2019 Arkansas River Flood Event. Your hard work protected property, saved lives and kept everyone educated.

The City received two awards related to the event from the Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association: The Ronald D. Flanagan Platinum Project Award and the Leatherbee-Robison Education Outreach Award.

The Ronald D. Flanagan Platinum Project Award, given to Oklahoma communities or agencies that go above and beyond in the completion of a specific project, was awarded to the City of Tulsa for its investment in a superlative stormwater management program based on No Adverse Impact principles. The program resulted in a “2” rating in the NFIP’s Community Rating System. Because of the City’s efforts, Tulsa experienced no flooding in building permitted within city limits in the 2019 Arkansas River Flood. The program helped save lives and property.

The Leatherbee-Robison Education Outreach Award, which recognizes exemplary accomplishments in education, was award to Mayor G.T. Bynum for his efforts during the 2019 Arkansas River Flood Event to educate the public, maintain communication with all affected parties and to learn on the fly.

Updated 9-3-2019

City Awarded Sustainable Tulsa Gold Level
At the Sustainable Tulsa Scor3card Final Event, the City received 91 points and was awarded Gold level verification. The City was one of 12 to be verified at Gold level (there were 62 total participants for 2018/2019). A separate award that was for Exceptional Innovative Practices for each of the 7 categories. We won in the Healthy Work Environment category for our plant library. We were awarded a plant, which will now be a part of the library. Additionally, we were one of 3 nominated in the Small Business category for the Henry Bellmon Award. We invite you to read more about the award. The award will be presented at the Recharge event on Saturday, Sept. 21.

City Named LeBow 2019 Analytics 50 Honoree
In July, The City of Tulsa was named a LeBow 2019 Analytics 50 Honoree. The annual initiative honors 50 organizations at the forefront of using analytics to solve business and government challenges. The City joins Fortune 500 companies like Citi, Intel and Home Depot and cities like Raleigh, North Carolina, and New York City.

City Recognized For Using Data in Tyler Technology Case Study  
Tyler Technology, the company responsible for the City’s EnerGov software, recognized the City for its efforts to improve processes in relation to the AIM Plan. In Tyler’s case study, the City saw a 26.5 percent reduction in walk-in customers, 45 percent of citizen applications were coming in online, tens of thousands of dollars were saved and real-time insights into all staff and case activity were able to be monitored. City Project Manaer Jon Galchik wants to thank his entire team for their efforts.

Several employees received recognition for their exemplary service while on the project: Cheryl Reichman, Danette Williams, Dana Whitacre, Dustin Wright, Adam Murray, Phil Bradley, Shannon Perry, Keri Fothergill

Mary Armstrong contacted Mayor Bynum to send a "Shout Out" to Jennifer McManus-Stillwell in Customer Care. Mary says, 'Not only did she help me but she kept on helping me with other issues with a smile on her face! I love her and she loves you and happiness is blooming here in the beautiful city of Tulsa!' Great job Jennifer!

These employees were nominated for a Tulsa Blue Award:

Cpl. Jennifer Murphy: Established a reading program for children in high crime neighborhoods, then later partnered to establish PAL Fit, a weekly fitness program. Jennifer is also the department’s liaison for the Joy in the Cause Kids in Crisis backpack program.

Cheryl Reichman: As Permit Center manager, Cheryl has led the way in the City’s acquisition of a new permit and licensing system. She is the perfect example of a Tulsa Blue employee, supportive, caring, and always giving back to the customers without ever trying to receive recognition for her hard work.

Brooke Caviness: The lead engineer from the Engineering Services/Transportation group to direct the City’s contribution in the construction of The Gathering Place. She has worked tirelessly and routinely, 10-12 hours a day to ensure it was built to the City’s highest expectations.

Officer Josh Metcalf: Officer Metcalf has a special connection with the kids in the community and volunteers with the local Special Olympics and even accompanied them to the games in Seattle. He is more than just a police office with TPD, he serves & protects with all that he has and his.

Brad Clay: Brad exemplifies what we ought to strive for as City employees. TPD & G4S praised him for his work ethic, determination, and dedication to the job. Many has said without Brad’s leadership and drive he brought to the project, the jail would not have come online.

Lehabim Escoto-Flores: Lehabim has reached out to engaged with the Hispanic community & translation services to all departments and organizing a mobile town hall with the Mayor’s office. This communication plan just shows his dedication to bring excellence to the City.

Aaron Wilson: Aaron developed, what started out being a simple inmate tracker, to a full-on Jail Management System for the City. He handled all the training for the Jail staff and even stayed on for 24hrs a day when it was released, taking questions at all times of the night.

Cindy Dolak: Cindy has been instrumental in assisting & gathering data for Tulsa Airports Director of HR. Her prompt responses and willingness to always offer a helping hand indicates she is an asset to the City of Tulsa with great core values.

Eric Parker & Anthony Wilkins: The two of these outstanding gentlemen have exemplified what it means to be a servant-leader while working at the City of Tulsa. The both are truly leaders by example and have received high praise from citizens in the community for their hard work and dedication. This level of commitment to serving all Tulsans is invaluable and sets a high bar for everyone at the City.

Sergeant Chris Witt: With his lengthy shifts at all hours of the night, Chris has showed nothing but perseverance and dedication to serving in whatever capacity he his called to serve in. Currently assigned as Special Events Coordinator, he consistently receives gratitude and praise from everyone that he works close with, including people from third parties all of the city.

Toi Luu: Toi has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for years, performing all his work with diligence and dedication, never seeking any reward other than the satisfaction of fulfilling the needs of the User community.

Water and Sewer, Water Distribution Manager Eric Parker received a "Shout Out" from a customer who had a meter can issue (below grade) at his property.  The customer saw one of our meter staff working across the street from his property so he went over and approached him about the issue.  He called to say that after speaking with the individual that a crew showed up with a meter can and immediately began replacing the can. He wanted to be sure and give staff a compliment for the quick response and great attitude the guys displayed.  He said he just sat back and watched them go about their business and was highly impressed. Great job Marcell Lyles, Johnelle Whayne and Chris Johnson!

Water and Sewer received a "Shout Out" from Sean Fehrman for the great job Justin Martinez, Troy Lesley, Corey McDaniel, and Hunter Olson did while fixing a waterline leak near his home. 

Parks and Recreation received the following "Thanks!" from Destini Nicole through the City's Facebook page: So I have to brag a bit on the city of Tulsa. So we live near a park and we have been going to it a lot lately. Well here recently it had been broken. The bouncy bridge fell off so I called the City and they put in a file to fix it Wednesday last week. Got a call the next day. The city had sent a man out. By Friday afternoon they fixed the playground and I'm so excited for the kids.

Mike Simmons, Water and Sewer Dept. works in the Meter Shop and recently reset a customer’s meter. The customer said Mike was a “Big blessing and was very patient with me as he explained the process involved with the water meter.”

Marcel Lyles and Rusty Lopez, Water and Sewer Dept. employees, recently replaced a header stop that the plumber broke on a short service call to one of our great citizens. Lind Wickersham reached out to 311 and praised Marcel and Rusty for working on it for several hours to get it repaired. He said the two City employees showed not only knowledge and determination but presented themselves as professionals. He went on to say that the experience changed his entire outlook on the water department as a whole. “If I hear anyone complain about their water bill I’m going to explain to them that those water guys are true professionals. I can’t say enough great things about the job they did.” – Lind Wickersham

Fire Department - May 11, 2016

Letter from Sarah Randolph to Tulsa Fire

Fire Department - April 26, 2016

Letter from Lynn Endres to Tulsa Fire

Fire Department - April 4, 2016

Letter from the Martha Hall Family to Tulsa Fire

Streets and Stormwater Department

Dear Mayor Bartlett,

I want to extend my thanks for the super job the street crew did on the 6919 South 76th East Avenue project. The response time was outstanding! I think work began within 48 Hours of my email.

Sophany Yi is very professional he told me everything that was going to happen and when it was going to happen and he made it happen. He was very courteous and polite. If you have such a thing as an employee of the year I nominate him for it.

Thanks again for the quick response the job looks excellent.
Silvio Cianfrone

Fire Department - March 15, 2016

Letter from Marilyn Moore and Tim Kapke to Tulsa Fire

Fire Department - February 22, 2016

Letter from Sharon Kough to Tulsa Fire and EMSA

Fire Department - January 28, 2016

Dear Firefighters,
My name is Callan McFadden. I am 14 years old and I've been rowing with the Tulsa Youth Rowing Club program for a little under a year now, and it has become the only reason I enjoy waking up in the mornings. As you know, there are also many other kids who share my same passion and practice with me at the TRC boathouse. Sunday night, January 24, the boathouse caught fire. This was devastating to everyone that enjoyed the sport and practiced at this facility. I want to personally thank you for working so hard to attempt to save our home away from home. I cannot express enough how much it means to me that you all risked your lives to save what we love. I know that it's your job, however, I want every single one of you to know how grateful I am for your hard work. I also know that the roof collapsed on one of your fighters, and that he is okay now, but I would like to tell him this; Thank you. Thank you for helping and I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry that you could have been injured. To everyone of you, every single firefighter that was on the scene, you guys are my heroes. Many little children say that when they grow up they want to be a firefighter, I cannot say I share the same dream; however, I want to be like a firefighter. Brave, courageous, determined...superheroes. I hope that when I am older, I will be able to display similar characteristics that you all have to every single day. I know I cannot speak for my team or my coaches, but you all mean the world to me. I know I do not know any of you personally. I do not your names or your favorite colors, but you will all have a special place in my heart until the day I die. When racing season comes back around, I am going to race every race with you all in mind. I am going to push myself harder and never give up. I cannot put into words the amount of respect and appreciation I have for you.

Thank you,
Callan McFadden

Fire Department  - August 13, 2015

Email to Mayor Bartlett from Buddy Kleemeier: Last Sunday I was at my building at 7628 East 42nd place where I keep some of my cars. The battery was dead on one car and I pushed it outside to enable me to secure another car I wanted to drive. When I needed help pushing the dead battery car back inside, I was unable to do so because of the grade of the driveway.

Lo and behold four of Tulsa's most athletic firefighters were out for a run and helped me push the car. Tulsa Fire Station 25 earns a good citizen award. When I asked if there was anything I could do for them, they asked me to send you a note.   So here it is. Please pass on my well wishes to the Chief and deputy chief over station #25.
Regards, Buddy Kleemeier

Water and Sewer Department - August 7, 2015

Email from Linda Taylor to Water Distribution for a water line break on July 30.
This email is being sent with a heart full of gratitude and many, many thanks to the employees working for the City of Tulsa. 
Appreciation to Stacy for listening and a great job in being so helpful. It takes a strong and understanding person to fill this position. Appreciation to the water crew for all the hard work and great job in fixing the water break on July 30th. Appreciation to the sod crew and the great job they did. Appreciation to the clean-up (sweeper maintenance) for doing such a great job cleaning and clearing the sand, mud and debris on the street. 
The quick responses, kindness, teamwork and jobs well done will never be forgotten ....Kudos to each and every one involved. Our City is in a better place because of caring people as yourselves!!! 
Thank you all so much!!!!!
Linda Taylor

The staff involved include Pete Stahl, Jeremy Johnson, Michael Carlson, Dallas Cambell, Ernesto Hernandez, Benita Becton, and Joyce Howard.

Tulsa Fire Department - July 2015

Letter from Cassie Hathaway to Chief Belk

Tulsa Parks Department - June 2015

Alisa Tyler, a resident at the Villages at Central Park called in and stated that the Centennial grounds are the best they have looked in the six years that she has been a resident. She commended Cherie Childs in her diligent work in preparing the beds and how beautiful all the flowers and ground cover looks. Ms. Tyler is thrilled with the beauty of the park and just wanted to say what a wonderful job Cherie is doing.   

Streets Maintenance / Streets and Stormwater Department - March 2015

"The repair to the street in our subdivision off of 93rd & Mingo was recently completed and now it is smooth as silk driving over it. My thanks to all who were involved in the project." - David Barker

From the City's Facebook - March 28, 2015:

My wife & I decided to widen our driveway. When we did we found that our driveway now came into conflict with a "sewer access" (man-hole) that was built on a concrete base. This concrete base now acted as a barrier to stormwater passing freely down the street. When it rained our driveway would flood & if the rain continued for days part of our front yard would flood. We took pictures of the area & went to City Hall. Our intention was to get a permit & we would correct the mistake ourselves. We were informed that private citizens cannot do their own work on the Tulsa streets. However, the permit official we talked to Ms. Yvonne Jackson said she would try & help us. She made a number of phone calls but could not find the right person to contact. We were ready to give up but Ms. Jackson insisted that she would find someone to help us with our problem. She was able to reach someone who said they would come by & look at the problem.

Less than two hours after we left City Hall, Mr. Derek Langley, Construction Inspection Manager of the Streets & Storm Water Division was at our home. He said they would take a mathematical survey called a "shoot" to see if alterations to the street and concrete block would allow rainwater to pass freely down the street. One week later we woke to the sound of heavy machinery & a crew of men who carved out an approximate 30' X 8' section of the street. The concrete block was eliminated with concrete & asphalt used to complete the project. It was an exceptional job and we could not be more happy with the results. The next day, a crew arrived and laid down sod in our front yard where equipment had been placed during the construction project. We owe a great deal of thanks to City Hall for their timely assistance. From the moment we left City Hall till the project was completed it was 8 working days. This is what I call "efficient government." Thank you, City of Tulsa and a very personal "thank you" to Ms. Yvonne Jackson and Mr. Derek Langley who are true "servants of the people." - Joe Tyler

Fire Department - April 2, 2015

Letter from Susan Patterson to Fire Chief Ray Driskell

Call from Carolyn Warrick to Melissa Harbst, Water and Sewer - April 14, 2015
Ms. Warrick called into Sewer Operations to thank Forrest Welch for the work they did outside her house. She said, the crew 'was extremely professional, kind, and informative.'

Fire Department - April 15, 2015

Letter from Laura Tucker to Fire Station 23