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Retirement is generally something we put into the back of our mind, thinking that it is an issue that will eventually take care of itself. However, retirement is probably one of the most important issues we will confront in our lifetime. It is a process that starts with our first job and continues to be refined throughout our career.

We value your time and want to help you prepare for life after work. Here you will find information about:

2018 "Understanding Your Retirement" Class Schedule

January, 24, 2018 | April 25, 2018 | July 25, 2018 | October 24, 2018

Contact your department training registrar to enroll in one of these dates.


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Retired Employees of Tulsa Association (RETA)

Already a Retiree or about to retire? You are invited by the Retirees Association to join for just $10 per year. With membership, retirees enjoy regular meetings to share ongoing City business and keep up-to-date on business with MERP.

Meetings are held every other month, on the second Wednesday at the Tulsa Garden Center. New members receive a free lunch when they attend their first meeting!

To find out more about RETA, please call, text or email:

Murrel Wilmoth – (918) 446-1163 email- murrelw@cox.net
Terry Fenner – (918) 231-2679
Jodee Fish –  (918) 836-2420
Ron Taylor – (918) 251-8231