Human Rights

Director: Jackson Landrum

The Mayor's Office for Human Rights is the City of Tulsa department responsible for investigating complaints of discrimination in the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations.

The Human Rights office is responsible for assuring compliance of city contractors by monitoring their hiring, labor standards and Equal Employment Opportunity. The Human Rights office monitors Davis-Bacon requirements on federally funded City projects; monitors and encourages the City of Tulsa and City Contractors to utilize developing businesses; and conduct educational programs on civil and human rights.

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Title 5 Commissions
Human Rights |  Indian Affairs | Hispanic Affairs | Status of Women | African-American Affairs

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  • Contract Discrimination
    No employer shall engage in any unlawful employment practices while doing business with the City of Tulsa. Form
  • Housing Discrimination
    It shall be unlawful to fail or refuse to sell, rent, or lease real property; or fail or refuse to lend, guarantee loans, accept mortgages or otherwise make available funds for housing. Form
  • Public Accommodation
    It shall be unlawful to deny or refuse goods, services, merchandise, commodity or accommodation; or segregate or require the placing of any person in any separate section or area of the premises or facility of a place of public accommodation. Form

ADA Grievance
Procedure and Complaint Form

Handicap Parking
Oklahoma Handicapped Parking Placard Application

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing
The full report is available online.