Information Technology projects are typically sponsored by a requesting department and are governed by the IT Project Governance Board (ITPGB). While some projects may be department specific, the ITPGB promotes cross-departmental use of applications and systems.

Projects Underway

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) for Utility Billing

  • This project will provide BCDR for the Utility Billing System moving it from Boulder, CO to City owned hardware at a third party data center. This project will provide the infrastructure to support BCDR for multiple City systems.

Business Intelligence and Analytics - TMUA

  • This project will provide dashboards for the performance management data gathered by various systems so TMUA can actively monitor and adjust the operations using near real times data.

Lucity Asset & Work Order Management – Streets and Stormwater

  • This project is a multi-staged/multi-department implementation of the Lucity Asset Management and Work Order System. The system implementation is currently in process for TMUA. Streets and Stormwater will follow.

Kronos/Telestaff Migration and Implementation

  • This project will:
    • Upgrade Kronos Workforce Timekeeper to v8 and move it to Kronos SaaS ensuring software upgrades are applied in a timely manner.
    • Add TeleStaff Module to provide automated scheduling and hire back capabilities for TPD/911 and TFD.

Police Body Worn Camera Testing/Implementation

  • This project will provide Body Worn cameras for approximately 400 to 500 officers as well as account for the storage necessary to maintain the current video storage policy.

Multifactor Authentication Implementation

  • This project will implement Federal regulations that require the City to implement Multifactor Authentication for any person that accesses criminal justice information. Multi-factor authentication is a method of computer access control in which a user is only granted access after successfully presenting several separate pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism - typically at least two of the following categories:
    • Knowledge (something they know)
    • Possession (something they have)
    • Inherence (something they are)

SCADA Isolation – Water Pollution Control

  • This project is designed to secure our Water Pollution Control network and systems in compliance with Federal Regulations.
    • SCADA = Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
    • SCADA are systems used to control and monitor equipment used in our waste and fresh water facilities
    • These systems are required to be isolated on their own networks so that nobody from the outside can get to them from either the internet or City of Tulsa Business Network

      Multi-Year Projects Underway

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation
  • Utility Billing System Implementation
  • Permit and Licensing System Implementation
  • Police Records System Selection (RCMS Project)
  • Court Records System Selection (RCMS Project)
  • Prosecutor Case System Selection (RCMS Project)