Basic Release/ Bail Bonds Information

"I've never done this before..."

We understand that having a friend or a family member in jail can be a trying experience which requires your time, money and patience. The Booking Clerk's primary duty is to assist with posting bail, release forms and to provide information on how to have someone released from jail.

Release methods include (1) posting the full amount of the bond by use of a VISA/MASTERCARD, cash, Money Order, Cashiers or Traveler's Check; (2) an Attorney's Affidavit; (3) Surety Bonds; (4) Pre-Trial Release.

The Booking Clerk is unable to suggest an Attorney or Surety Bondsman for you to use. If you need to contact Pre-Trial Release you may call their main office at (918) 596-5795 or the jail office at (918) 596-4950.

All prisoners are released from the David L. Moss Correction facility located at 300 North Denver.

Credit Card machines are now available for use by Municipal prisoners to help: 1) pay certain fines in full directly from the Jail for early release; 2) post Bonds for early release.


"Why is he/she in jail?"
There are three (3) basic reasons anyone is held in jail on City charges: (1) for bail on a pending Court appearance; (2) payment of a fine after a court appearance; and (3) for days in jail after a court appearance and jail sentence has been imposed.

Payment of fines may be made 24 hours a day to the City Court Clerk or may be served out at the rate of $25 per day regular time, or $50 per day for Trustee status.

IMPORTANT--If you are in jail solely because you failed to pay a ticket that has a dollar amount on it, you can pay this kind of ticket directly from the jail and be released with your case closed! All you have to do is sign a plea waiver form and pay the fine in full (plus penalties).

"Why does it take so long?"
The Police Officer completes a minimum of three (3) reports before they can deliver any person to jail. Other possible factors include the distance traveled and how busy the booking facility may be at the present time. Also, the booking procedure must be completed before our clerk can receive the information on what the charge is and what is required to obtain a release.

Most people are released within four hours of posting bond, however, release may take up to eight hours or more after the release form is received by the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

Jail Information

For details about visitor information, visitation times, directions to the facility, visitation rules, and more, visit: http://www.iic.tulsacounty.org/Home/Faqs