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Numerous Parks Improvements Completed

Construction of new playgrounds, shelters, sports facilities, etc., have been completed at several Tulsa parks recently and more are planned or are already under way.

Vining Park:
Extensive improvements at Vining Park in far north Tulsa have recently been completed, including a new playground for youngsters 5-2, a new shelter, new sidewalks and benches, a new park identification sign and a new feature for the existing water playground and a new 20-space parking lot.

Zeigler Park:
Demolition of the old community center and pool has been completed and Tulsa Parks' first themed playground, designed for ages 2-12, has been added, along with concrete walks, a new park sign and and other new park furnishings.

Admiral Park:
A new playground for 2-5 year olds, a new 12'x12' shelter, as well as new sidewalks and benches have been added. The existing basketball court has also been re-built as a multi-use sports court with basketball and soccer goals.

Renovation of the existing sports court has been completed and a new 20'x30' shelter, a new water fountain, new sidewalks and a new park sign have been added.

Demolition of the building is planned, along with new picnic shelters, new sidewalks, a new sign and additional furnishings.

Demolition of the dilapidated community center building and pool has been completed and will soon be replaced with a new park pavilion, improved sidewalks, new playgrounds for 2-to-5-year-olds and 5-12-year-olds. New picnic tables, benches, a new drinking fountain and new park signage are also planned.

The old community center and pool have been demolished and replaced with a new water playground, a new drinking fountain, improvements to the park's electrical system, new signs and new sidewalks tying the water playground to other park amenities.