Permitting After The Storm


  • Properties included on assessment logs for review of condition as a result of the August 6th¬†tornado.
  • Expedited Repair Permits will be issued for these properties until September 15, 2017.

Demolition Permits

If a structure must be demolished, submit a demolition permit application.

  • Bonds may be required to protect adjacent properties.
  • A sewer plug permit is required prior to issuance of the demo permit for structures with sewer connections.
  • A site plan is required.
  • Download the Demolition Permit

Repair Permits 

The Permit Center will process over-the-counter Repair Permits for residential and commercial properties damaged by the recent tornado.

  • Repair Permits will be expedited.
  • Submit permit application (residential or commercial) and repair worksheet.
  • Cost of a repair permit is based on valuation of the repair.
  • Requirements for additional permits or engineered drawings will be determined based on evaluation of work in the field by building and trade inspectors as they visit sites and observe construction activities.
  • Repair permits are required for the following described work: Repairs include the patching or restoration or replacement of damaged materials, elements, equipment or fixtures for the purpose of maintaining such components in good or sound condition with respect to existing loads or performance requirements.
  • A Repair Permit does not authorize construction of a new building, an addition or reconfiguration to an existing building.
  • Properties located within a designated floodplain will require additional review and permitting.
  • Download the Repair Worksheet
  • Download the Residential Permit Form
  • Download the Commercial Permit Form

Trade Permits

Trade permits for Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical work:

  • Licensed contractors may call at any time to pull permits and schedule inspections.
  • To pull a trade permit, call: (918) 596-9656
  • To schedule an inspection, call: (918) 596-1720
  • To become registered with the city, contractors licensed by the State of OK may present current State license, and establish escrow accounts, in order to pull permits in the City of Tulsa. This can be done at the Permit Center inside City Hall.

Temporary Structures

Placing a temporary mobile home (TMH) on site for non-residential use to serve as an interim office or business location may be allowed under the following conditions:

  • Valid for no longer than 1 year / must be removed before approval of final inspection for principle structure.
  • Permits and inspections for all required trade work must be secured per applicable codes.
  • A site inspection will be conducted to confirm proper placement and tie-down of temporary structure to ensure safety measures are in place.
  • A site plan is required.
  • Download Temporary Mobile Home Permit

Sign Permits

Sign permits for the affected properties will be handled as priority reviews. While we cannot guarantee a permit over the counter due to the research needed to determine compliance, we will expedite these.