Our dedicated City of Tulsa planners collaborate with citizens, neighborhood and business groups, designers and engineers, as well as other City departments to assess every aspect involved in a planning project.

City planners also follow best practices of urban planning and design to develop short- and long-range plans that identify and prioritize community improvements in the public realm. All of these plans work together and identify where and how to use public funds and set the stage for private investment that fosters economic development, public safety, and quality of life.


To assist Tulsans in improving their lives, neighborhoods and community by planning for efficient and sustainable development and providing dependable, cost effective, high-quality customer services while assisting the public in achieving their construction development goals while administering the ordinances of the City of Tulsa.

Staff Contacts




Direct Phone

Warrick, Dawn DWarrick@cityoftulsa.org Planning And Development Director (918) 576-5447
Auerbach, Suzanna SAuerbach@cityoftulsa.org Administrative Assistant II (918) 576-5682
Carr, Steve SCarr@cityoftulsa.org Senior Planner (918) 576-5663
Davis, Leon LeonDavis@cityoftulsa.org Asset Manager and Valuation Admin (918) 576-5564
Acebo, Roger RAcebo@cityoftulsa.org Acquisition and Relocation Admin (918) 576-5560
Schultz, Martha MSchultz@cityoftulsa.org Planner III (918) 576-5674
Warlick, Theron TWarlick@cityoftulsa.org Planner III (918) 576-5677
Porter, Jed JPorter@cityoftulsa.org Historic Preservation Planner (918) 576-5669

Mercado, Luis

LMercado@cityoftulsa.org Urban Design Planner (918) 576-5673
Whitaker, Dennis DWhitaker@cityoftulsa.org Planner II (918) 576-5679
Berry, Philip


Planner II (918) 576-5691