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The Tulsa Planning Office at INCOG leads both the long-range and current planning efforts for the City of Tulsa. Our work helps guide future development and public investments for the city with a focus on improving the quality of life for Tulsa’s residents, and includes the continued development of the City’s comprehensive plan; small area planning to assist neighborhoods with more specific, contextual strategies; the implementation of the City’s plans; the Destination District program, focused on revitalizing commercial districts and creating vibrant destinations throughout Tulsa; and administration of historic preservation, zoning and other supporting programs.

Staff Contacts

Planning Director Susan Miller (918) 579-9470
Administrative Assistant Kim Sawyer (918) 579-9413
Community Engagement Planner Daniel Jeffries (918) 579-9434
Urban Design Planner Emma Oakes (918) 579-9450
Current Planning      
Principal Planner, Current Planning Dwayne Wilkerson (918) 579-9475
Senior Planner, Subdivisions Nathan Foster (918) 579-9481
Planner, Zoning Jay Hoyt (918) 579-9476
Assistant Planner Austin Chapman (918) 579-9471
Historic Preservation Planner Jed Porter (918) 579-9448
Land Regulation Specialist Emily Smith (918) 579-9474
Boards of Adjustment Administrator Amy Ulmer (918) 579-9437
Administrative Assistant Janet Sparger (918) 579-9417
Plan Development & Implementation      
Senior Planner, Comprehensive Plan John Tankard (918) 579-9462
Senior Planner, Small Area Planning Travis Hulse (918) 579-9452
Senior Planner, Implementation & Tracking Luisa Krug (918) 579-9454
Community Planner (County & Regional) Robi Jones (918) 579-9472
Planner Dennis Whitaker (918) 579-9457
Planner Philip Berry (918) 579-9456
Planner JT Paganelli (918) 579-9455
Planner Amber Wagoner (918) 579-9458
Destination Districts      
Manager, Destination Districts Ed Sharrer (918) 579-9449