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Resource and Document Library

Small Area Plans

36th Street North Small Area Plan (2013/2016)

Brady Arts District Small Area Plan (2013)

Brookside Infill Development Design Recommendations (2002)

Charles Page Boulevard Plan (1996)

Crutchfield Neighborhood Revitalization Master Plan (2004)

Downtown Area Master Plan Vol 1-4 (2010)

East Tulsa Neighborhood Implementation Plan Phase I-II (2006/2007)

Eugene Field Small Area Plan (2013)

The Pearl District – 6th Street Infill Plan (2006/2014)

Riverwood Neighborhood Plan Update (2008)

Sequoyah Area Neighborhood Implementation Plan (2007)

Southwest Tulsa Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Phase I-II (2009/2011)

Utica Midtown Corridor Small Area Plan (2014)

West Highlands / Tulsa Hills Small Area Plan (2014)

Overlay Districts and Guidelines

Historic Preservation Overlay and Guidelines

River Design Overlay (2016)

Policies and Special Studies

Small Area Plan Guide (2016)

Master Tree List (2016)

Housing Market Analysis (2010)

Complete Streets Procedure Manual (2013)

PLANiTULSA Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan as amended (effective August 2016)

Zoning Code as amended

Vision Document (2010)

Strategic Plan (2010)

Progress Report (2016) with Appendix 1 and 2

2016 Progress Report At-a-Glance Flyer

Monitoring Program (2016)

Guiding Principles

Vision Map

Land Use Map as amended

Stability and Growth Map as amended

PLANiTULSA Growth and Development Scenarios

Draft Scenarios and Indicators (February 2009)

Scenario A Map: Trends Continue

Scenario B Map: Main Streets

Scenario C Map: New Centers

Scenario D Map: Centered City

"Which Way Tulsa" Pamphlet

"Which Way Tulsa" Scenario Results

Additional Documents

Summary of Survey Findings (July 2008)

Survey Final Tabulations- Full List (July 2008)

Community Presentations

Kick-Off Presentation (June 2008)

What is a Vision (June 2008)

Comprehensive Plan Overview (July 2008)

Workshop Presentation (September 2008)

Citizen Committee Meeting (October 2008)

Citywide Workshop Draft Results (December 2008)

Strategic Implementation Plan (February 2012)

Promotional Materials

Fact Sheet

Workshop Brochure

Citizen Feedback

Summary of Comments on Vision (January 2010)

Consolidated Log of Discussion Items

Consolidated Log of Consent Items

Consolidated Log of General Comments

Consolidated Log of Public Hearing Comments


PLANiTULSA Wrapping Up Public Meetings (February 2009)

PLANiTULSA Unveils Its Vision (September 2009)

Tulsa Sees Its Future in Downtown (May 2010)

Superseded Plans

Brady Village Infill Development Plan

Kendall Whitter Area Neighborhood Master Plan 

Springdale Area Plan 

Whittier Square Plan