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Related Departments and Programs

The Tulsa City Council: Formed in 1989 when Tulsa adopted a council-mayor form of government, The Tulsa City Council is an elected, governing body that functions as the legislative branch of city government. 

Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (TMAPC): Provides unbiased advice to Tulsa City Council and the Tulsa County Board of Commissioners on development and zoning matters. TMAPC also is responsible for adopting and maintaining the Comprehensive Plan and Small Area Plans. The commission provides a public forum that fosters public participation and transparency in land development and planning.

Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG): INCOG is a voluntary association of local and tribal governments that provides regional planning and coordination services. INCOG manages requests for land use and zoning changes in the City of Tulsa. INCOG also manages regional transportation planning. 

Tulsa Development Authority (TDA): The Tulsa Development Authority takes on a wide range of projects in its mission to improve Tulsa. TDA manages several TIF districts, aids in removing blighted buildings, sells surplus and unused land, administers downtown development funds, and provides planning to some neighborhoods. 

Tulsa Preservation Commission (TPC): The Tulsa Preservation Commission administers Historic Preservation Zoning, identifies and nominates properties to the National Register of Historic Places, and produces educational material describing Tulsa historic resources. 

City of Tulsa Development Services: Development services provide inspection, review, permitting, and licensing. 

City of Tulsa Working in Neighborhoods: Working in neighborhoods promotes community education and enhances public/private partnerships. WIN manages code enforcement under Neighborhood Investigations. The Customer Care Center is open to receive reports.  

City of Tulsa Engineering: The City’s Engineering department provides professional services and oversight related to the design and construction of many types of infrastructure. The department also houses the Complete Streets Procedural Manual and several guides related to transportation in the City. 

City of Tulsa Mayor’s Office of Economic Development: The Mayor’s Office of Economic Development oversees projects related to attracting and retaining businesses in Tulsa. These projects range from programs aimed at connecting employers to the workforce to redeveloping surplus city property through requests for proposals (RFPs).