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Disposal of Non-Accepted Items

All wastes are subject to inspection at the Household Pollutant Collection Facility, and possible rejection. If wastes are not accepted by the facility, it is the customer's responsibility to dispose of the waste properly within federal, state and local laws. According to the City of Tulsa ordinance Title 11-A Chapter 5 "It shall be unlawful.for any person to place, store or locate any material in such a manner that causes pollutants to be transported by wind, rain or other atmospheric conditions into the City's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System".

Listed below are options for the disposal of rejected wastes. Disposal at these locations may have costs associated, which will be the responsibility of the owner. For more information, contact the companies listed below:


Tulsa Police Stations will take ammunition up to 50 caliber at their uniform division stations.
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
(918) 596-9222


Asbestos Handlers
(918) 836-5585

Bulky Non-Hazarous Waste

City of Tulsa
(918) 596-9777
Bulky Waste Pick Up Online

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Borg Compressed Steel
(918) 587-2511
(Tanks must be empty with large hole drilled out)

Sims Metal Management
(918) 592-5050
(Tanks must be empty with large hole drilled out)

Electronic Waste

The M.e.t. Center
(918) 584-0584

Natural Evolution, Inc.
(918) 836-2995

Best Buy Stores
(918) 622-0024

Fire Extinguishers

Harley Hollan Company
(918) 317-7777

Hazardous Chemicals

ORI Environmental
(405) 943-8969

Safety Kleen
(918) 234-5185


Rineco Chemical Industries
1 (800) 377-4692

Heritage Environmental Services
(918 ) 627-2671

Medical Waste

(918) 587-9664


Medications may be taken to any local police department or sheriff's office where a locked drop box is located and the medications will be disposed of properly. Learn more...

For radioactive materials, please visit the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission website:


Robertson Tire
Cecil and Sons Discount Tires
(918) 245-5470