The City of Tulsa’s Stormwater Quality Program ensures compliance with Tulsa’s Stormwater Permit. This program identifies, inspects, and monitors industries and businesses that may be contributing to a substantial pollutant load to the storm sewer system. Tulsa inspects approximately 200 industries and businesses every year for compliance. The goal of this program is to prevent illicit discharges to the storm system and ensure public health and preservation of our natural resources.

Below are some Best Management Practices for businesses to follow:

  • Store all barrels and buckets inside, or elevate and cover. Periodically inspect them for leaks, spills and missing bungs.
  • Store all materials, equipment, waste, byproducts and finished products inside or elevate and cover.
  • Store all batteries inside, or elevate and cover.
  • Keep lids closed on your dumpster(s) when not in use. If there are no lids on the dumpster(s), contact the waste hauler to have lid(s) installed. Plug drain holes or repair damaged dumpsters which may cause leaks.
  • Clean up all metal chips and scrap metal on a routine basis.
  • Pick up miscellaneous trash and other debris on a routine basis.
  • Store salvaged parts that have oil residue on them inside, or elevate and cover.
  • Air compressor blow down/bleed-off fluids should be captured for proper disposal.
  • Contain and clean up all spills and leaks as soon as possible and dispose of properly. If a fuel spill should occur that makes it into the storm sewer system, immediately call the Fire Department and Stormwater Land Management at (918) 591-4325.
  • Clean up all used absorbent material on a routine basis and dispose of properly.
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan must be reviewed internally and updated as necessary

If you are a business permitted by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality under the OKR05 Permit and need to submit documents to the City of Tulsa’s Stormwater Quality group, use the following email address StormwaterQuality@cityoftulsa.org or call (918) 591-4325 with questions. If you see a business or industry that you suspect has caused an illicit discharge, call 311, and an inspector will investigate.

A list of vendors who accept the disposal of commercially generated chemicals can be found online.