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Street Lighting System


Residential and arterial street lights are owned and maintained by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO). The City of Tulsa pays a monthly fee to PSO for each light for this service. Freeway and highway lights are owned and maintained by the City, and
a monthly bill is paid to PSO for electric services.

Requesting New Street Lights

New street lights in your neighborhood can be requested by calling 311 or emailing:


  1. If funding is available and at least three of four property owners near the requesting address agree, PSO will prepare a design and cost estimate.
  2. If the lighting request is within budget for the fiscal year, PSO will be authorized to install a new light.

PSO Options:

The street lights shown on this page have been approved by PSO and are installed within the City of Tulsa. PSO will match the requested street light to what currently exists within the neighborhood. The style cannot conflict with existing systems.

Custom Poles:

If the neighborhood has custom poles, the person requesting the new street light will be required to pay for the upgraded cost for the custom pole. The neighborhood will be responsible to pay any future maintenance costs to PSO.

Report Lighting Problems

Highway Lighting – Call 311 or email
Residential and Arterial Street Lights – Put in maintenance request online: or call 888-218-3919.

Download the Flier - English

Download the Flier - Espanol