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Traffic Operations Products List

Approved Products List - July 2022


The assemblies listed have been approved by the City of Tulsa Traffic Operations Division (TOD) for use within the City of Tulsa. This list covers materials for traffic signals, sign flasher assemblies, mast-arm and post mounted sign assemblies, highway lighting, decorative lighting, and speed control devices. Materials listed on this APL require no further testing, unless deemed necessary by the TOD. Equipment, material and hardware not pre-approved on this list will not be allowed for use on projects except as provided for in the City of Tulsa Specifications.
A manufacturer’s or product listing on the APL does not waive any of the requirements of the City of Tulsa Specifications except as directly noted on this list; nor does it relieve the manufacturer of any obligation thereunder. Defective work, materials, and equipment will be rejected.

General requirements of all suppliers are listed in Section 627 of the City of Tulsa Specifications. Specific requirements for some materials are also listed in Section 627; however, more specific testing requirements may be imposed by the Traffic Operations Division Product Review Committee. 

Submittal Process

1. Complete the Approved Products Evaluation Form

2. Return the form to the attention of:

Approved Products List Coordinator
4015 N. Harvard Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74115

Evaluation Process
Each application received by the TOD will be reviewed by the Traffic Operations Division Product Review Committee. The Committee is composed of seven COT Traffic Operations Staff appointed by the City of Tulsa Traffic Engineer, or their designees. The Committee will meet twice per year to review applications on the last Wednesday of each month. A quorum of members must be present to hold a meeting. A quorum is defined as more than fifty (50) percent attendance. The deadline to submit applications for review is 12 business days before the meeting.

Evaluations will fall into two categories: Equal and New. More information on these and their documentation requirements can be found in Section 627 of the specifications. Please provide any required documentation along with your application.

The product will be evaluated and listed as either Approved, Approved Conditionally, or Rejected. The applicant will be notified after the committee makes its decision.

Product Review Committee meetings