Grease Handling

The following companies are authorized to service and clean grease traps and treatment devices and to transport grease-laden wastewater within the City of Tulsa's sanitary sewer service area to an approved and licensed disposal facility. Such operations comply with the provisions of Title 11-C, Chapter 13 of the City of Tulsa Revised Ordinances as established by Ordinance 20910 and the conditions therein.

Permitted Companies:

Advanced Microbial Services Inc.
BGS Grease Trap Service
Bub's Inc.
Capitol City Processors, Inc.
City Grease Trap Service
Honey Wagon Inc.
Liquid Environmental Solutions
Roto Rooter
Terra Renewal Services

Every time your grease trap is serviced, a Grease Hauler Manifest will be filled out and left with you. After disposal is complete, a final manifest should be returned to you. If you have any question contact:

City of Tulsa
Quality Assurance
4818 S. Elwood Ave.
Tulsa, OKĀ  74107
(918) 591-4378