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Grease Handling

The following companies are authorized to service and clean grease traps and treatment devices and to transport grease-laden wastewater within the City of Tulsa's sanitary sewer service area to an approved and licensed disposal facility. Such operations comply with the provisions of Title 11-C, Chapter 13 of the City of Tulsa Revised Ordinances as established by Ordinance 20910 and the conditions therein.

Permitted Companies:

Advanced Microbial Services Inc.
BGS Grease Trap Service
City Grease Trap Service
Honey Wagon Inc.
Liquid Environmental Solutions
Roto Rooter
Valley Proteins

Every time your grease trap is serviced, a Grease Hauler Manifest will be filled out and left with you. After disposal is complete, a final manifest should be returned to you. If you have any question contact:

City of Tulsa
Quality Assurance
4818 S. Elwood Ave.
Tulsa, OKĀ  74107
(918) 591-4378