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Hauled Waste Program

Federal law prohibits the sanitary sewer discharge of hauled waste except at approved locations. The City of Tulsa allows haulers who are in possession of a valid septage discharge permit to discharge domestic wastewater at the Northside Wastewater Treatment facility. Federal law stipulates that all non-domestic discharges to the sanitary sewer system must comply with all applicable Federal, State and local Pretreatment standards and requirements. Federal laws also stipulate that municipal Pretreatment programs are responsible for enforcing Pretreatment regulations. Since it is infeasible for the City of Tulsa to determine if each load of hauled septage is in compliance with all Pretreatment regulations, septage discharge permits only authorize haulers to discharge domestic wastewater. Domestic waste is exempt from Pretreatment regulations. Persons wishing to discharge hauled non-domestic wastewater, or hauled wastewater that has been co-mingled with non-domestic wastewater, must receive written authorization from the City of Tulsa prior to discharging. Requests for a septage discharge permit or authorization to discharge hauled non-domestic wastewater (or wastewater commingled with non-domestic waste) may be directed to the Pretreatment Program at (918) 591-4378.