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Wastewater Pollution Prevention

Have you ever given much thought to what happens to the water that gets flushed down the toilet or down the kitchen sink? Well, here in Tulsa, it most likely travels through pipes from your home to our City sewer system, to a wastewater treatment plant, and then to a waterway like the Arkansas River. Few people realize how complex the wastewater treatment process is or why wastewater treatment is so essential to protecting public health and our environment. However, putting the wrong things down the drain can damage the sewer system, injure workers, cause sewer backups or cause pollutants to pass through the system and into the environment. Ultimately, you have to pay for the repair and cleanup through your utility bills. In order to reduce costs and protect your plumbing, as well as our waterways, please don't flush any of these items:

Remember, toss it in the trash ... Not down the drain!