Pet Licensing

Did you know that all cats and dogs over the age of 6 months are required to have a pet license?

To license your pet, fill out the Pet License Application and send it to the address below along with proof that your pet is spayed/neutered and has received a rabies vaccine from a licensed veterinarian. The rabies certification should state S (spayed) or N (neutered).

The license you purchase is based on the expiration date of the rabies vaccine your pet has received.

  • If the rabies vaccine is for 12 months, purchase a 1 year license for $5
  • If the rabies vaccine is for 36 months, purchase a 3 year license for $15
  • If the rabies vaccine is for 36 months AND your pet is permanently identified by means of tattoo or microchip implant, you can purchase the 3 year license for $5. The microchip number or tattoo number must appear on the rabies certificate completes by the veterinarian at the time of vaccination.

The first time you license your pet, you will receive a metallic tag which should be attached to your pet’s collar and worn at all times. If this is a renewal you will continue using the tag previously issued.

Please send your completed application, along with  a copy of your pet's rabies vaccine, proof of spay/neutered, and payment to:

City of Tulsa
Finance Department, Treasury Division
PO Box 451
Tulsa OK 74101-0451

For more information, please call The City of Tulsa Licensing at (918) 596-7640

Pet Licensing is governed according to Title 2, § 104, Tulsa Revised Ordinances.