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Volunteers and Donations

VolunteerButtonEach year the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare (COTAW) division provides a variety of services and programs to the community and ways for you to become involved in the care of thousands of homeless dogs, cats, and other animals. In addition to providing animal enforcement and control services for the City, we are responsible for investigating animal cruelty, providing humane education, and offering  adoption counseling and outreach.

We rely on the public and animal welfare community partners to enhance the care provided to the animals in our facility. We hope you will consider becoming a Tulsa Animal Welfare contributor or community advocate and volunteer.

Ways You Can Help Us to Help Pets in Tulsa:

Because of the number of animals we care for each year (more than 20,000 in 2007), we need a great number of volunteers and animal care resources.


There are various ways to donate to our facility, please take advantage of the methods that best suit you.

One gift opportunity that directly benefits our kennel dogs, the facility, and the WIN department is a pet bed donation.

Our Shelter can receive dog beds for our guests through the Kuranda's "Donate A Bed" program. The program enables individuals to donate beds to the shelter of their choice at discounted prices.

Any donation will be sent directly to the Tulsa Animal Welfare shelter in your name. Your donation is 30% to 35% off of their retail prices. For more information visit their homepage.

Please remember to share this great opportunity when people ask about ways they can donate and help us.

In-Kind Donations

Animal Welfare is always in need of supplies to help care for the animals. We accept donations of pet animal care supplies, cleaning products, office supplies and other materials that can be used to support the shelter's activities. Wish List

If you have questions, please contact the Shelter in advance to confirm what products you wish to donate and to arrange for a time to drop them off at the facility; generally all donations are accepted  during our normal hours of operation. Due to limited resources and staff time, Animal Welfare is unable to pick up donation items.

If you or your employer can donate any of the equipment and supplies listed, please email us at Please note this address is not intended for payments; please do not email credit card information.

Donations can also be made in person at the COT Animal Welfare Shelter during regular business hours, by phone or by mail (make donations payable to "City of Tulsa" and send to Tulsa Animal Welfare, 3031 N. Erie Ave, Tulsa, OK 74115).

Financial Donations

The COTAW Shelter always needs financial support to help us help homeless dogs, cats, and other pets. Monetary donations are put into a fund specifically for use by TAW including medical treatments (like heartworms), our transfer program, and equipment we wouldn’t otherwise be able to purchase. Check must be payable to City of Tulsa.

Animal Welfare's Animal Care and Control Humane Education Programs

A Tulsa Animal Welfare Humane Educator Ambassador will visit your classroom (with a dog or cat if desired) to discuss spay/neuter education and the homeless animal problem in Tulsa, and offer students positive choices that will help make Tulsa a place where every dog, cat, and domestic animal finds a loving, permanent home.

Shelter Tours for Adult and Youth Groups

Guided Tours are available for groups of all sizes and ages are available by appointment. These interactive tours explore the facility, provide information about responsible pet care, and education on the homeless animal problem in Tulsa, animal behavior and safety, and what to consider when choosing a pet. Animal encounters cannot be guaranteed and are based on animals available at the time of your tour.

We Look Forward To Hearing From You!

For information on these programs please contact Jean Letcher, COTAW Manager, at (918) 596-8002 or .

Volunteering With Us

Interested in volunteering to help our community's homeless and injured animals?

Experience the wonderful feeling of saving a life! Tulsa's Animal Welfare's Shelter volunteer program has a variety of options for anyone looking to help impact the lives of  the many animals that end up at the shelter. We need you to help us make a difference.

Located at 3031 N. Erie Avenue, Tulsa Animal Welfare cares for over 11,000 animals a year.  We house a variety of animals; some are homeless cats and dogs who need a safe, warm place to stay while waiting for a new family. Others are sick, injured or orphaned wild animals which require medical and rehabilitative care so that they can either be returned to the wild where they belong or to interested families and rescue organizations.

Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter would not be able to help these animals without the support of dedicated and compassionate volunteers. Volunteers who are willing to donate hours of service to Animal Welfare each year assist us in providing direct care of animals, education, administrative projects, events outreach, and more.

Objective of the Volunteer Program

How to Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer today!

Please contact the COTAW at (918) 596-8002 for more information.