Property Maintenance

The Housing Division also enforces the City of Tulsa's Title 55 ordinance. This is considered the Property Maintenance ordinance that hold owners of all existing structures responsible for the minimum property maintenance standards for Title 55.

Top Property Maintenance issues:

Roof - All roofs shall be structurally sound, tight, and have no defects which might admit rain.

  • Broken Windows - All windows must be maintained in an operable manner and water tight condition.
  • Exterior Walls - Every exterior wall shall be free of holes, breaks, loose or rotting boards or timbers, and any other conditions which might admit rain or dampness to the interior portions of the walls or to the occupied spaces of the building. All exterior surface materials, including wood, composition, or metal siding, shall be maintained weatherproof and shall be properly coated when required to prevent deterioration.
  • Accessory Structures -¬†All accessory structures, including detached garages, fences, and walls, shall be maintained structurally sound and in compliance with Title 55.
  • Stairs and porches -¬†Every stair, porch, fire escape, balcony, and all accessories attached shall be so constructed as to be safe to use and capable of supporting the anticipated loads and shall be maintained in sound condition and good repair.

Violations can be reported online or by calling the Customer Care Center at 311. Be prepared to give a physical address and your name.

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