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Neighborhood Inspections, a section of the Working In Neighborhoods Department, enforces nuisance and zoning ordinances to help prevent deterioration of neighborhoods and help maintain the highest safety and health standards for the many residential, non-residential and vacant properties in the City of Tulsa.

Yearly, Tulsa Neighborhood Inspectors investigate approximately 22,000 violations of nuisance and zoning ordinances identified through more than 14,500 complaints.

Violations can be reported online or by calling the Customer Care Center at 311. Be prepared to give a physical address and your name (this will be kept confidential).

Process for a complaint:

  • A call or online report is received by the Customer Care Center and a complaint case is opened.

  • Once a case is assigned to the area inspector, the inspector conducts an onsite investigation of the alleged violation(s). If violations are present at the time of this inspection, a legal notice is mailed to the property owner and other interested parties giving them 10 days to comply with the notice requirements. The property owner can purchase up to two (2) extensions of time for $32 each. Each extension will give the property owner 10 additional days to comply. Extensions are not available for all violations, i.e. unsecured structures, chronic violators, etc.

  • Failure to comply with the order will result in the City contractor abating the nuisance. If the City abates, the property owner will be charged for the abatement cost, plus a $300 processing fee.

Note: Emergency abatements are performed without prior notice where imminent dangers are present and conditions require an immediate response.