The Department of Working in Neighborhoods needs you to register with us to effectively assist your association. You can also call our Neighborhood Liaisons at (918) 596-1292 to have the form mailed to you. If you are not sure if you have a neighborhood association, you can check the map of registered Neighborhood Associations.

Love Your Block

Love Your Block is a competitive mini-grant program funded by Cities of Service. The program goal is to engage citizens and help them revitalize their neighborhoods, one block at a time. Registered neighborhood groups, in the City of Tulsa, can apply for a grant up to $1,000 to create a project that reduces blight and revitalizes a neighborhood. 

Benefits of being a registered association:

Register Your "Block Party" Online

Getting to know your neighbors not only increases your circle of friends but also increases the safety of your neighborhood. The City encourages associations to organize a Block Party and let us know!

Register Online

Neighborhood Volunteers

Neighborhood leaders and volunteers undertake tasks to clean and beautify, organize events and block parties, and meet to discuss challenging issues. A few are leaders who mobilize and coordinate the efforts of all, tackling jobs in the neighborhood that will ultimately inspire others to act and result in more pride, a new energy and renewed enthusiasm in the neighborhood. Read more...

Neighborhood Investigations Online

For information about the Alert Neighbors Program, contact the Crime Prevention Network.

If you are in need of resources or social services for yourself or someone that you know, and the City of Tulsa cannot provide those for you, please contact the 2-1-1 Tulsa Helpline at 2-1-1 or (918) 836-4357.