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Committee Meetings and Members

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City of Tulsa

Public Discussion – Plan for Investigation: June 27, 2019  View Meeting

  • Introduction of the Public Oversight Committee
  • Overview of the mass graves investigatory structure
  • Receiving of public comment and feedback on that plan

Public Oversight Committee Meeting – July 18, 2019  View Meeting

  • Overview of Geophysical Technology
  • Overview of Physical Evidence
  • Overview of Initial Investigation Sites

Public Oversight Committee Meeting – August 22 |  View Meeting

  • Report from Historical Context and Narrative Committee | Report
  • Discussion of Decision-Making Values and Process
  • Discussion of Key Decision Points

Public Oversight Committee Meeting – September 26  | View Meeting

  • Report from the Physical Evidence Investigation team
  • Report from the Historical Context and Narrative Committee
  • Determine next steps in terms of excavation and further examination.

Public Oversight Committee Meeting - December 16 | Report | PowerPoint Presentation

Public Oversight Committee: February 3, 2020 | View Meeting
Historical Context Report | PowerPoint Presentation  | Test Excavation Plan | Oral History Compilation from 1999 

Public Oversight Committee - September 14, 2020 | View Meeting
Presentation | Presentation: Excavation Results

December Public Oversight Committee: December 17, 2020 | View the Meeting
Physical Investigation Team Excavation Report | Physical Investigation Slide Presentation - December 17, 2020

Public Oversight Committee: January 28, 2021 | View Meeting

Public Oversight Committee: February 23, 2021View Meeting

Public Oversight Committee: March 23, 2021 | View Meeting
Agenda | DNA Analysis Update Presentation

Public Oversight Committee: April 29, 2021 View Meeting

Public Oversight Committee: May 17, 2021 | View Meeting

Public Oversight Committee: March 1, 2022
"Archaeological and Forensic Research in Support of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Graves Investigation: The 2020-2021 Field Seasons at Oaklawn Cemetery" Volume I | Volume II | Presentation 

1921 Graves Investigation Update - June 21, 2022
Public Oversight Committee: September 13, 2022
Meeting Slides

Public Oversight Committee
Mayor G.T. Bynum
Councilor Vanessa Hall-Harper
Kavin Ross, Greenwood Tribune, Chair
Representative Regina Goodwin
Senator Kevin Matthews
Former Representative Don Ross
Brenda Alford, Descendent
Thomas Boxley, African-American Affairs Com.
Kelly Burks, Descendent
Bishop Melvin Cooper, World Won Ministries
Chief Egunwale, African Ancestral Society
John W. Franklin, Smithsonian Museum
Sherry Gamble-Smith, Black Wall St. Chamber
Zachary Kimbrough, Descendent
Sherry Laskey, North Tulsa Community Coalition
Michael Reed, Lacy Park Task Force
Greg Robinson, MET Cares Foundation
Kavin Ross, Greenwood Tribune, Chair
Reverend Robert Turner, Historic Vernon A.M.E.
Kristi Williams, Activist
RaeLynn Butler, Muscogee-Creek Nation
Gano Perez, Muscogee-Creek Nation
Andrea Hunter, Osage Nation
Adam McCreary, Cherokee Nation

Historical Context and Narrative Committee
Mechelle Brown, Greenwood Cultural Center
John W. Franklin, Smithsonian Institution
Reuben Gant, John Hope Franklin Center
Paul Gardullo, Smithsonian Institution
Hannibal Johnson, Author and Historian
Kim Johnson, Tulsa City-County Library
Frances Jordan, Greenwood Cultural Center
Marla Mayberry, Langston University
Alicia Odewale, University of Tulsa
Bob Pickering, University of Tulsa
Michelle Place, Tulsa Historical Society

Physical Investigation Committee
Scott Ellsworth, Historian and Professor of African American and African Studies, University of Michigan
Phoebe Stubblefield, Research Assistant Scientist, University of Florida
Leslie Rankin-Hill, Associate Professor Emerita of Physical Anthropology, University of Oklahoma
Kary Stackelbeck, State Archeologist
Amanda Regnier, Director, Oklahoma Archeological Survey
Scott Hammerstedt, Senior Researcher, Oklahoma Archeological Survey
Alicia Odewale, University of Tulsa
Angela Berg, M.A., Anthropologist, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner