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Management Team and Staff

Amy Brown   Amy Brown
  Deputy Mayor 
Jack Blair   Jack Blair
  Chief of Staff
Christina Da Silva   Christina da Silva
  Deputy Chief of Staff
Kian Kamas   Kian Kamas
  Chief of Economic Development
Nick Doctor   Nick Doctor
  Chief of Community Development and Policy
Ashley Philippsen   Ashley Philippsen
  Deputy Chief of Community Development and Policy
 Krystal Reyes   Krystal Reyes
  Chief Resilience Officer
Becky Gligo   Becky Gligo
  Housing Policy Director
Kimberly Madden   Kimberly Madden
  Mayor's Executive Aide
Michelle Brooks   Michelle Brooks
  Mayor's Press Secretary
Jennifer Betancourt   Jennifer Betancourt
  Office Administrator
Jack Graham Jack Graham
Mayor's Aide
Keri Fothergill   Keri Fothergill
  Development and Constituent Services Liaison