Citywide Outcomes Dashboard

In December 2016, the City Council and Mayor Bynum conducted a strategic planning retreat focused on identifying outcomes the city would like track over the coming years. Many outcomes are focused on the experience a resident, business owner or visitor of the City of Tulsa would experience. For example, one of the key outcomes is increasing Tulsa's population. This approach is unique in that it focuses on outcomes over outputs. By taking this approach, it gives city leaders the ability to work with external partners to realize goals. Below are the eight key goals for 2017.

More goals will be posted as data is finalized. Benchmark figures reflect a national average or an average of cities of similar size. Many of the measures listed have detailed data in a dashboard that can be accessed by clicking the links below.


Average Per Capita Income Gold Arrow

Average Per Capita Income Statistic

Life Expectancy Gap Between North & South Tulsa Gold Arrow

Life Expectancy Statistic


High School Graduation Rate

High School Graduation Statistic

Census Estimated Population Growth Gold Arrow

Census Estimated Population Growth Statistic

The City Experience

Number of Violent Crimes per 100,000 Population Gold Arrow
City by City Comparison by Types of Crime per 100,000 Population Gold Arrow

Violent Crimes per 100k Statistic

Number of Traffic Fatalities per 100,000 Population Gold Arrow

Traffic Fatalities per 100k Statistic

Pavement Condition Index on Arterial Streets

Pavement Condition Index Statistic

Inside City Hall

Percentage of Employees Reporting Good Morale

Employee Morale Statistic