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Police Staffing Dashboard

In September 2015, the University of Cincinnati Institute for Crime Science analyzed Tulsa’s Police staffing levels and crime trends. The study concluded that the police department was “operating at a serious staffing deficiency.” In response to this study, city leaders asked the voters to approve the Vision Tulsa program which expands the number of police officers available to respond to and prevent crime in the city. The dashboard summarizes the University of Cincinnati recommendations for both patrol and non-patrol police officers.

Status Indicators
- TPD is fully implementing this effort on an ongoing basis
- TPD is working to implement this effort
- TPD has recommended this effort and is working to identify resources


TPD is working to implement this effort

Update - 2/8/2018

As of Feb. 2018, TPD had 367 patrol officers out of 459 recommended (79.9%) and 424 non-patrol officers out of 499 recommended (84.9%).