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Human Centered Design

The Office of Performance Strategy & Innovation coordinates teams for Human Centered Design in the Spring and Fall each year. What’s Human Centered Design? It’s a creative approach to problem solving that starts with people and ends with innovative solutions to meet their needs. Human Centered Design involves three phases: 1) Inspiration, 2) Ideation, and 3) Implementation. It’s based on the principle that as long as you stay grounded in the desires of people you’re designing for, your ideas will evolve into the right solution. The principles of HCD can be applied to tangible goods, like playgrounds or streets, as well as services, like permits and safety programs.

How do I sign up?

Check back here in the Fall of 2018 for the next cohort of Human Centered Design.

Do I need a team?
Yes, but you don’t have to know who’s on your team now. In fact, it’s actually better if you don’t. The more diverse your team is, the more creative your solutions will ultimately be. We’re inviting employees and members of the community to join us, so you’ll get to know people in other departments as well as people outside city hall. Just sign up using the Google form link above and we’ll pair you with a team. If you want to form your own team, the ideal size is 5-7 people.

How much time do I need?
Generally, the course will take about 4 hours per week for 9 weeks. You can work out specifics of time to meet with your team once you’re formed. We’ll try to pair you with teams that have similar schedules based on your response to the Google form.