Join the Alliance for Innovation

By Penny Macias | August 6, 2015

Did you know the City of Tulsa is a member of the organization known as the Alliance for Innovation? If you didn't know before you started reading, you do now. The goal of the Alliance is to drive innovation in local governments by connecting and providing them with a platform they can share with and learn from each other.

As a member of the Alliance, we can have an unlimited number of City of Tulsa employees signed up for access to the website. Currently, 55 employees have signed up to take advantage of this tool. In my opinion, that's about 3,722 too few (according to the budget we have 3,777 authorized positions).

So why should you sign up? What can it do for you? Once you sign up you'll be on their regular email list and will receive weekly updates of what's going on in the Alliance, including.

The most awesome thing about the Alliance tool is that it gives information to YOU, the employee who is doing the work and the MOST likely to have good ideas for making improvements, saving costs, and maximizing benefits for citizens.

If you read an article that plants a seed, you are likely to ponder and grow that seed into a million potential harvests. Change that you believe in is the absolute best change ever.

So before you do anything else, do this one thing - send me an email:pmacias@cityoftulsa.org In your email, just let me know you'd like to sign up for the Alliance and be sure to provide me with the following: (1) Your phone number, and (2) Your job title. I'll get you connected and signed up for access. I hope this is a tool you will try out and find beneficial for you and your team.