TulStat FAQ's

What is the purpose of a TulStat meeting?
TulStat is an opportunity for department leaders to discuss the issues, measurable goals, current data and strategies that are essential to achieving their mission with the Mayor and his administration. By having regular conversations about where we are, department leaders can communicate what’s working and highlight challenges that are holding them back from achieving the mission. It also creates a space for the Mayor’s staff and the internal-facing departments (i.e. IT, HR, Finance) to have regular conversations on how to more effectively achieve the mission of the department.

How long do TulStat meetings last?
Each TulStat meeting will be 90 minutes. Typically presentations are limited to 15-20 minutes for each department and the balance of the time is reserved for questions.

Who attends TulStat Meetings?
TulStat meetings will be attended by the Mayor, Chief of Staff, Office of Performance Strategy & Innovation staff, and any internal-facing departments whose customer is the presenting department (i.e. HR, IT, Finance).

What “stats” should we include in our presentation?
Start by asking the question, “what are the performance metrics that point toward the accomplishment of the city’s and my department’s goals?” Identify goals that your struggling to hit. TulStat isn’t intended to be a show-n-tell about the ways things are going well, instead it’s intended to be a forum to work through areas where you’ve set a goal and are wanting to try a new strategy to meet the goal.

What are some best practices for creating a slide deck that’s useful?
Use the slide template provided on the main TulStat page. It includes a three key slide templates for you to identify your issue, goal, data to measure progress toward the goal and strategies to achieve the goal. Other tips include:

What are some examples of slide decks in other cities?
Cincinnati and Kansas City have resources on their websites that illustrate how their TulStat meetings are structured.

Kansas City  |  Cincinnati

Are the TulStat meetings intended to be a “gotcha?”
No. The purpose of TulStat meetings is to foster a better understanding of how the organization is doing and highlight the needs on a regular basis. It allows us to focus on the outcomes we’re trying to achieve and work together to determine the strategies and resources needed to achieve those outcomes.