Urban Data Pioneers

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Urban Data Pioneers is a program that empowers teams of city employees and community members to work in teams to deeply understand questions through data analysis. UDP teams meet to identify a problem, ask questions, analyze data and produce a visual analytic report. The goal of Urban Data Pioneers is for teams to learn data analysis techniques together and inform the Mayor city leadership with analysis of data that leads to policy. If you are a community member, and want to join the UDP teams please complete this form.


Improve the use of data throughout the City of Tulsa. 


Urban Data Pioneers are the trailblazers within the City of Tulsa who lead the way in identifying best ways to utilize data, educating others, and delivering results based upon data.

Mission, Vision and Values

July 2018 Call for Projects 

Do you have a problem or decision that might be solved or better informed with data analysis? Perhaps the data is available, but you do not have the time or the skills to dig into it. If so, The Urban Data Pioneers may be able to help. The Mayor's Office of Performance Strategy and Innovation invites City employees and members of the public to submit data analytics project ideas to the Urban Data Pioneers program. Urban Data Pioneers is a program designed to link City of Tulsa employees to the community with a goal of increasing the use of data and analytics inside City Hall and throughout the community. We are currently soliciting projects that might improve the way the City of Tulsa makes decisions or improves a service we provide. We will follow-up with further questions to complete the scope of the project. We'll then convene a team of Urban Data Pioneers to work on the project and produce an analysis. The deadline to submit ideas is July 27, 2018. If you’re interested in joining Urban Data Pioneers, check out more information here. 

Cohort 1 (Feb. 24, 2017 - April 27, 2017)

Street Prioritization 

Traffic Crashes

Land Use Efficiency

Blight and Violent Crime

Population Growth (no slides)

Cohort 2 (June 9, 2017 - August 18, 2017)

Team Formation Meetup

Vacant Land Toolbox

Blight Inventory

Population Growth

Tulsa Data Science - Drivers of Per Capita Income

Final Presentation Agenda

Final Presentation Intro

Cohort 3 (October 6, 2017 -  Jan. 19, 2018)

Cohort 3 Team Formation Meetup

Blight and Violent Crime

Benchmarking Land Value 

Building a Predictive Model for Neighborhood Stability

Mapping Spending on Schools

Measuring Neighborhood Walkability