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Resilient Tulsa


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Building a more resilient Tulsa begins by confronting historic discrimination and inequality.

As the site of the largest race-based massacre in American history, Tulsa has been shaped by its complicated history of racial tension. Other vulnerable populations, such as immigrants and Tulsans who have been involved with the criminal justice system, also face similar barriers today. Toward this end, Resilient Tulsa is the result of the work of over 2,000 individuals of all backgrounds, providing a robust image of the city’s diversity of experiences. These collaborations and proactive partnerships, including, for example, Tulsa’s Racial Equity Advisory Committee, were vital in creating equitable goals and actions that are both aspirational and achievable. Every Tulsan plays a critical role in realizing our city’s more resilient future. Resilient Tulsa will serve as the guidebook and cohesive vision to unite Tulsans. Through collaboration and a shared commitment, Tulsa can take its rightful place as a world-class city for all people. 


Resilient Tulsa Implementation Update

Mayor G.T. Bynum identified the Resilient Tulsa process and ultimate plan as a key tool for use in addressing shocks, such as disasters, and stressors in the community, such as social, economic and racial disparity. Racial equity is the city’s core underlying resilience challenge, and the Resilient Tulsa plan addresses critical challenges ranging from economic inequality to disaster preparedness to access to quality education and jobs. This Resilient Tulsa Update highlights some of the action steps that have been completed in the last year. The Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Equity has been under the direction of Krystal Reyes since May, 2019. 

City Hall on the Go

The City of Tulsa is hosting its City Hall on the Go (CHOTG) pilot program on Wednesday, November 9, at Tulsa Fire Station 17, 1351 N. Sheridan Rd. Staff and services will be available from 8 – 10 a.m. and 3 – 5 p.m.

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