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Race Reconciliation Conversations in Partnership with the Faith Community
Beginning September 2018, the Mayor's Office of Resilience and Equity (MORE) kicked-off interfaith racial reconciliation dinners across Tulsa. Dinners will encourage constructive, meaningful conversations to bring understanding and strengthen social cohesion amongst Tulsans of different backgrounds.  

MORE will serve as the facilitator for groups of 8-12 people meeting at places of worship. Groups will break bread and share discussion on a quarterly basis. These discussions will provide a place at the table for everyone and will be designed to create a snowball effect, fostering new relationships among diverse groups of Tulsans and encouraging those participating to continue the conversation after dinner has concluded. 

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918 Day
918 Day is a new citywide event celebrating Tulsa’s diversity, growth and multiculturalism. The goal of 918 Day is to engage all Tulsans, regardless of neighborhood affiliation or background, in an accessible, fun, and convenient manner to build connections. 918 Day is a unique opportunity to unify the community, increase hope, foster economic prosperity and support youth development. 918 Day will be celebrated in a forthcoming special location on September 18 each year.