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Programs and Resources

COVID-19 Update
The City and its partner agencies are working to offer the most up-to-date resources as it relates to the pandemic. There are many needs during this time, such as additional sheltering for those experiencing homelessness (so they can practice social distancing), online mental health resources that are easily accessible, and a lot of information on court system changes (both Municipal and County). A lot of this information has been communicated on the City of Tulsa's COVID-19 Resources page at  

Please Note: Many of these agencies and organizations we have listed in the pages below have resources that are readily apparent on their websites. For additional resources and questions, you can call 2-1-1.  

The City recognizes there are multiple experts, organizations and groups working collaboratively to improve access to mental health resources, substance misuse services and post-incarceration resources. Though homelessness services and mental health services don’t directly tie into justice involvement, many who are/have been involved in the justice system have experienced homelessness and many have mental health needs. 

The list below includes programs the City and other nonprofit organizations offer. If you know of an organization or service that should be included, please email