Flourish Tulsa

In Tulsa, immigrants who have high professional qualifications from their countries of origin may face challenges finding employment in their field of expertise or may experience unemployment and underemployment. Developing strategies for connecting this population with employment in fields they have experience in and are passionate about would not only offer economic mobility for their households, but would also promote a diverse and inclusive business climate and activate the full potential of Tulsa’s economy. For this reason, the City of Tulsa has partnered with Green Country Workforce, Tulsa Community College, YWCA Tulsa, and the Tulsa Regional Chamber to launch a new program called Flourish Tulsa.

What is Flourish Tulsa? 

Tulsa was one of the eight state and local communities selected to take part in the World Education Services (WES) Global Talent Bridge’s Skilled Immigrant Integration Program (SIIP). Flourish Tulsa is Tulsa’s local effort to support internationally trained immigrants and refugees in our community to reconnect with their careers. During this grant period (Jan. 2020-June 2021) the Flourish Tulsa team will leverage the technical assistance offered by WES and its national partners to:

  • Support local employers and workforce providers with credit assessment and help the immigrant community access resources for credit recognition
  • Develop 1-2 career pathways guides for internationally educated immigrants that meet sector need
  • Host training for employers and service providers to increase cultural competency and increase intentional recruitment of this community

Resources for Employers and Service Providers

Are you an employer or service provider interested in supporting internationally trained immigrants and refugees? Here are some resources to start:

As part of the New Tulsan Initiative, the Flourish Tulsa team partnered with Upwardly Global to offer a training on integrating internationally trained immigrants and refugees into the local workforce. During this training, Upwardly Global coaching experts employed design thinking tools to discuss practical strategies to recruit and retain immigrant talent, model policies, and much more.

Tulsa Design Thinking Insights
Learn what local businesses are currently doing or would like to incorporate into their own recruitment, interviewing, hiring, and retention practices.

Credential Evaluation and Recognition Training 
As part of the New Tulsan Initiative, the Flourish Tulsa team partnered with World Education Service (WES) to offer a Credential Recognition and Evaluation training for employers and service providers in Tulsa. During this training WES outlined the process employers and services providers can use to adequately recognize the education and credentials immigrants and refugees in our community have. 

Learn more:

Credential Evaluation and Recognition Information Session for the Workforce

Do you have a degree from a university outside of the U.S.? Do you want to transition back into a career you had in another country? Watch this information session (Spanish subtitles) to learn how to get your international education and credentials adequately evaluated and recognized by employers, universities, and professional licensing agencies! In the session, we also discuss the local services our partners offer to support your career goals such as English courses, career guidance, placement opportunities and more.

PowerPoint in English | PowerPoint in Spanish | Presentation in Zomi

Immigrant Recruitment Training Session

Hosted by: Flourish Tulsa & Upwardly Global
Description: During this training session for case managers and HR staff, we shared information and resources to recruit and serve immigrant job seekers in Tulsa and the surrounding areas, share example pathways for immigrants to access jobs and careers, and more! Caseworkers who work directly with immigrant clients seeking jobs or educational advancement, HR staff, and staff at temp agencies are invited to watch this session.

Watch Online | PowerPoint

Flourish Tulsa Members

Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Equity
The Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Equity (MORE) works to achieve equality for all Tulsans through partnership building, education, cultural awareness, and advocacy. MORE oversees the New Tulsan Initiative, an initiative to support immigrants to bring their best to our city—providing fresh perspectives, starting businesses, and contributing to the vibrant diversity that makes our city prosper and ultimately a world class city.

Mayor’s Office of Economic Development
The Mayor’s Office of Economic Development’s (MOED) mission is to strengthen the economy and create shared prosperity for all Tulsans by developing and managing resources that spur quality job creation, business expansion and retention, and new development and investment. MOED works to identify new and existing prospects to expand a diverse employer base that offers quality jobs to Tulsan immigrants, as well as connecting immigrants with personal and career development opportunities.

Tulsa Community College
The Tulsa Community College ESL Program team is committed to helping immigrants, refugees, and international students become more proficient in American English and developing the skills to succeed in college and the workplace. The Tulsa Community College ESL Program offers an Intensive English Program (IEP) as well as ESL classes at all levels. Additional services include English proficiency testing, advisement, enrollment assistance, tutoring, conversation clubs, student organizations, and information and referrals.

YWCA Tulsa
YWCA Tulsa Immigrant and Refugee Department has served immigrants and refugees for more than 35 years, and continues to address systemic disparities for newcomers, eliminate barriers, and invest in the success of those who have come to our community to build a new life. YWCA Tulsa offers Civics and Citizenship classes, legal services for naturalization and family-based cases, English as a second language classes, employment and social services for refugees and asylee clients and much more.

Tulsa Regional Chamber
Mosaic is the Tulsa Regional Chamber's coalition of companies and nonprofit partners who celebrate diversity, champion equity and cultivate inclusion to attract top talent and strengthen the regional economy. Mosaic hosts monthly meetings to discuss best practices, share resources and learn from area experts. They are free to attend and open to all.

Green Country Workforce
Green Country Workforce fuels economic development by creating relationships that benefit employers and job seekers by placing talent today, while preparing individuals for the jobs of tomorrow. Green Country Workforce offers job seekers career counseling and exploration, workshops, training assistance, and employment placement. At the same time, Green Country Workforce offers employers wage subsidies and training programs.