Bio - Mayor Dewey F. Bartlett, Jr.

Dewey F. Bartlett, Jr. was re-elected on Nov. 12, 2013 for a second term and is the 40th Mayor of Tulsa.  He also is the President of Keener Oil & Gas Company since 1994.  Son of an oilman, Oklahoma Governor and U.S. Senator, Bartlett's legacy spans decades of integrity and conservative values. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a master's degree in Business Administration in Finance.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett is dedicated and passionate about the energy industry in Oklahoma.  He has served as chairman of the National Stripper Well Association, Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, and Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association.  Bartlett has also served as a board member for the Grand River Dam Authority and Independent Petroleum Association of America.   

Bartlett's time as mayor in Tulsa is best known for his work to restore fiscal health to the city during challenging economic times.  Upon entering office, Bartlett cut spending by 10 percent to balance the city budget and began to add money to the Rainy Day Fund, reserve account, and pension system. 

Bartlett also aspires to make Tulsa the best city for business and job growth in America.  Focusing on the energy, aerospace, and manufacturing industries, he has aggressively pursued economic expansion in Tulsa at a rate of over 9,000 new jobs created since becoming mayor in 2009. 

Dewey Bartlett has a heart and vision for Tulsa and is dedicated to improving life for all Tulsans. Together, he and his wife, Victoria, have three children and two grandchildren who all proudly call Tulsa home.