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*The asterisk denoted on job advertisement(s) indicates a clarification of the official job description.

Professional (15 Listed)
- All professional and management vacancies will be listed in this category.

Information Technology (4 Listed)
- You will find programming, computer support and electronic positions in this category.

Office Support and Technical (11 Listed)
- Office Support, Office Administrator, Customer Service, Construction Inspectors and many others are examples of the types of positions you will find when you click on this category.

Labor and Trade (14 Listed)
- Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labor vacancies will be found in this category. This includes Maintenance Mechanics, Crew workers, Treatment Plant Operators, Zookeepers and many others.

Emergency Communications (1 Listed)
- 911 Operators and related jobs are found here.

Part-Time, Temporary, Summer Jobs and Internships (1 Listed)
- In this category, you will find part-time and temporary positions that include categories such as Professional, Computer Information Systems, Office/Technical, Labor/Trades, seasonal and contract.


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