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*The asterisk denoted on job advertisement(s) indicates a clarification of the official job description.

- All professional and management vacancies will be listed in this category.

Information Technology
- You will find programming, computer support and electronic positions in this category.

Office Support and Technical
- Office Support, Office Administrator, Customer Service, Construction Inspectors and many others are examples of the types of positions you will find when you click on this category.

Labor and Trade
- Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labor vacancies will be found in this category. This includes Plumbers, Electricians, Maintenance Mechanics, Crew Workers, Treatment Plant Operators, and many others.

Emergency Communications
- 911 Operators and related jobs are found here.

Part-Time, Temporary, Summer Jobs and Internships
- In this category, you will find part-time and temporary positions that include categories such as Professional, Computer Information Systems, Office/Technical, Labor/Trades, seasonal and contract.

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