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Becky Gligo to Serve as Housing Policy Director

This article was archived on 1/1/0001

Mayor G.T. Bynum announced Becky Gligo will serve as the Housing Policy Director for the City of Tulsa beginning Monday, June 10.

Gligo will be responsible for working with city and state housing agencies, non-profit entities, philanthropic organizations and developers to achieve key outcomes of neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing preservation and development. Gligo will also identify and implement local and state policy changes that will help reduce Tulsa’s rate of evictions while developing and implementing affordable housing incentives to help increase the safety, health, affordability and preservation of exiting housing in Tulsa.  

“With her long-standing commitment to improving people’s lives in the areas of housing and education, Becky will fill an integral role at the City of Tulsa through a focus on housing,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “I am very grateful for the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation’s partnership in addressing this need in our community.”

Although Tulsa has made significant strides in housing as a community and was most recently awarded the Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant from the U.S. Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Tulsa faces significant systemic challenges that the Housing Policy Director will help address.

In the City of Tulsa’s recently-commissioned Gallup CitiVoice Index, 36% of Tulsans found affordable housing access difficult or very difficult, while 30% of Tulsans making less than $27,000annually did not have sufficient funds to provide adequate shelter or housing in the last 12 months. Tulsa was also recently ranked 11th in its eviction rate by Evictions Lab.

Prior to the City of Tulsa, Gligo served as the Director of Portfolio Management for Tulsa Public Schools where she monitored seven charter schools and Oklahoma’s first partnership school. In this role, she also served as the Tulsa Public Schools Liaison to the Tulsa Housing Authority and Urban Strategies, Inc. for the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative.

 “I am honored to have the opportunity to join the City of Tulsa's efforts to ensure that all Tulsans have access to stable and sound housing opportunities,” said Gligo. “I look forward to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to protect and expand affordable housing across our city.”

Prior to her work with Tulsa Public Schools, Gligo worked for Nan McKay and Associates - a leading national organization focused on housing and community development - as the Director of Professional Development where she was responsible for working with agencies and local governments on funding models, financing, compliance, and program implementation as it relates to veteran, low-income, assisted, and local housing initiatives.

During her career, Gligo has developed and administered annual plans for agencies across the country and served as the Interim Director for the Housing Authority for the City of Amarillo, TX and as the Housing Choice Voucher Director for the City of Bridgeport, CT. Gligo holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of San Francisco.

The Housing Policy Director position is being funded by a generous gift from the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation. The position is a member of the Mayor’s cabinet on the Community Development and Policy team.