Downtown, DCC, Stadium Improvement District

Downtown Tulsa is bursting at the seams with entertainment, great food and drink and activities for the whole family! With all this flavor, how does the City of Tulsa keep up? The ­­­19 member volunteer Downtown Coordinating Council keeps things moving, taking care of business on the sidewalks and in the streets, not to mention help with promoting some fantastic annual attractions such as WinterFest, Glow, Pop-Up Retail Shops, Tulsa Tough and crowd-pleasing shows at various venues all year round: the 18,000 seat BOK Center arena for sports, concerts & family shows; the Performing Arts Center where Tulsa meets Broadway; and the three-year-old ONEOK Field where Double A baseball is served up Driller's style!


The DCC Executive Director position is currently open. Learn more...

The Downtown Coordinating Council (DCC) lists an abundance of projects underway or soon to be underway to improve the appearance and beautify via streetscaping, to ease parking and add transportation, support a downtown watch group that networks all the downtown buildings and adds a foot patrol who also serves as a downtown ambassador. Visit Downtown Tulsa Online!

The committee provide basic cleaning and maintenance and utility services throughout the Inner-Dispersal Loop including:

  • Cleaning and removing litter and unwanted vegetation from all public streets, sidewalks and alleys within the IDL on a daily basis (approximately 3,630 cubic yards of refuse per year).
  • Servicing approximately 110 trash cans on a daily basis.
  • Sweeping all public streets (58 curb miles) within the IDL once a week, weather permitting.
  • Maintaining and making utility payments on all decorative "Acorn" and LED pedestrian lights.
  • Maintaining 15 City owned sprinkler systems.
  • Maintaining benches and bicycle racks.
  • Removing graffiti (as needed).
  • Maintaining and watering numerous City owned landscaped sites downtown.
  • Trimming trees and removing dead or dying trees (only as necessary) downtown.
  • Seasonal activities such as assistance with a variety of festivals and special events.


Downtown Master Landscape plan

  • Read the Downtown Master Plan Progress Report online
  • Partnership with Up with Trees to increase and leverage DC funding for planting street trees within the IDL. The first project is to replant more than 400 existing empty tree wells downtown.

Parking & transportation

  • Informing property owners about the downtown parking study.
  • Additional weekend and event parking with the use of the City parking garage at 1st & Main to serve downtown and the Brady/Blue Dome Districts.
  • Conversion of South Main on 7th to 10th streets from one-way to two-way
  • Improvements in the parking enforcement staff
  • Repair of the Boston Avenue Pedestrian Overpass, of West 5th Street between Cheyenne Avenue and South Denver, and of South Elgin and South Frankfort Avenue between 11th and 13th streets in the 2013 budget.
  • Updating marketing strategy to keep the public informed of downtown business, programs and opportunities.
  • The DCC has recommended and the Mayor has approved implementing a downtown ambassador patrol, which will coordinate with current private security and increase the awareness of the public to the safety and security of downtown. This plan also includes creating a Tulsa Downtown Watch program similar to other neighborhood watches around the city created with the Crime Commission.

Marketing and Communication Committee

The DCC continues improvements in the Downtown Tulsa website.

The marketing committee is updating its marketing strategy and programs for continued recognition of downtown businesses, programs and opportunities.

The DCC has also provided staff to support your needs. If you have a problem or a concern related to downtown please contact Tom Baker, DCC Manager, tbaker@cityoftulsa.org.