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Recovery FAQ

Read the Amended Civil Emergency Order - July 2, 2020

Should we continue social distancing?
Yes, individuals should continue social distancing per the CDC guidelines. Businesses should observe proper CDC-recommended social distancing protocols.

What happened June 8?
Mayor Bynum issued an amended Civil Emergency Order that falls in line with the State’s OURS Plan. 

What opened June 1?
In Tulsa, summer camps opened back up, visitation to hospitals is allowed within the guidelines of the OURS plan, and by appointment only businesses may allow walk-ins at their discretion. Along with this, special event permits started to be issued for larger gatherings. 

I have more questions than what’s listed here. Who do I contact?
For clarification, the State of Oklahoma Department of Commerce website has the most up-to-date information regarding this order. On that page, they have a section titled “OURS Plan Help.” There is a webform link there you can use to submit questions to the State of Oklahoma. The State’s 2-1-1 hotline is also another resource.

Where can I get reopening guidance for my business?
The Tulsa Health Department has guidance available on their COVID-19 page for businesses, including: General Business, Food Establishments, Childcare Centers, Fitness Centers, Personal Care: Salons and Barbers, Nonprofit Organizations, Places of Worship, and Public Bathing.

My business water was shutoff while we were closed. Is there anything I need to do when turning it back on?
Tulsa businesses restoring water should follow the guidance issued by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. They recommend businesses that were closed for prolonged periods of time, flush their water lines. As many buildings have had little-to-no occupancy during the past few weeks, the quality of water in plumbing may have degraded. Learn more...

Are full-service restaurants open?
Yes, but under certain guidelines. All must adhere to strict sanitation and disinfecting protocols. Please note the same capacity guidelines for bars do not apply to restaurants. Restaurants should continue to follow the State's Guidance. If you have questions about capacity at your business, contact

Are playgrounds open in Tulsa on June 1?
Yes. Playground equipment, including outdoor workout equipment, and basketball courts will open on June 1, as they have been. Walking paths, biking and disc golf will continue to be permitted, so long as social distancing is practiced. Tulsa Parks Reopening Guidelines

Are City golf courses, tennis courts, Pickleball, and sports fields open?
Yes. City-owned golf courses, tennis courts, and Pickleball courts opened May 1, but all will adhere to strict sanitation guidelines and patrons will be strongly encouraged to practice social distancing.

Are dog parks open?
Yes, dog parks reopened on May 1, but with strict physical distancing and sanitation precautions in place. Tulsa Parks Reopening Guidelines

Will City of Tulsa Parks Pools and Day Camps be open this summer?
City-owned swimming pools will be closed for the 2020 Swim Season, along with Day Camps. Lifeguards will not be hired for the 2020 Swim Season. Neighborhood pools are not affected by City closures.

Have community centers reopened and/or will they start offering programming again?
Yes. City-owned community centers will open on June 1. Centers will open with updated hours and limited programming. Tulsa Parks Reopening Guidelines 

Can I visit a relative/friend in the nursing home after June 1?
No. Those 65 years or older and those with underlying health conditions are still at a greater risk of a more severe case of COVID-19 illness. Currently, no visits to these facilities are allowed.

Are bars open?
Yes. The updated OURS Plan encourages bars to practice enhanced sanitation and social distancing measures. Dr. Bruce Dart with the Tulsa Health Department is leading an effort with local business owners to come up with best practices for bars in the City of Tulsa. Interested parties should visit for specific guidance as it becomes available.

Can I host an event June 1?
Yes, you can host events under OURS Phase 3 Reopening. Please practice all CDC-recommended guidelines for social distancing.

Can weddings or funerals resume?
Yes, funerals and weddings can resume.

Are people allowed in private swimming pools (houses, homeowner’s associations, etc.)?
Each privately owned pool can have their own requirements for the pool’s use. The City defers to CDC guidance as it relates to safety, proper sanitation and social distancing measures.

Am I allowed to travel out-of-state/can someone from out-of-state travel to see me?
Currently, there is no travel ban prohibiting travel in Oklahoma, nor is there a quarantine requirement for Oklahomans returning from another state. Out-of-state visitors should check with their home state on any potential travel restrictions or requirements.

Are masks required in Tulsa?
Yes. A citywide mask ordinance is in effect. For more information and to see a list of exemptions to the ordinance, visit

Just because my business can reopen, does it have to?
No! Do what is best for the health of your organization and its employees.

Can I get a special permit issued on June 1?
Yes, special events permits can be issued.

Are entertainment venues open?
Yes, as outlined in the State’s Phase One Reopening Plan, the limitation of gatherings do not apply. For questions, visit the Oklahoma State Department of Commerce website and submit your inquiry to the State.

Can grocery stores continue operations as normal?
Grocery stores and other stores that have been open throughout this pandemic should continue to maintain hours for vulnerable populations and continue to practice strict sanitary measures and measures to encourage social distancing.

Are Pet Care/Pet Grooming Businesses open?
Yes. These businesses actually were allowed to open back up statewide, by appointment only, beginning April 24, 2020. Because the City’s Safer at Home Order was still in place at that time, these businesses were allowed to open in Tulsa starting May 1 by appointment only.

Are spas and tanning salons open?
Yes. These businesses actually were allowed to open back up statewide, with walk-ins allowed under Phase 3.

Are tattoo parlors open?
Yes. The same rules for by-appointment-only salons apply to tattoo parlors.

Will businesses get fined or shutdown if they don’t adhere to state guidelines?
If businesses aren’t adhering to the state’s guidelines, the City of Tulsa can enforce those guidelines based on THD and City health nuisance laws. To make a non-emergency report with Tulsa Police, call (918) 596-9222. For other questions on statewide enforcement, call 2-1-1.

Who do I contact for health nuisances under our existing ordinance?
To report a concern about a food establishment, call (918) 595-4300 or visit For environmental health complaints (including employee concerns about non-food businesses), call (918) 582-WELL (9355) or (918( 595-4200. For complaints received by 311, call (918) 585-4200 or email