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Temporary Shelter Policy

Non-profit and for profit, religious and secular organizations (“Organization”) may operate as temporary shelters (“Shelters”) if the Organization follows the procedure below:

  1. Call the Tulsa Fire Department (“TFD”)[1] and schedule an inspection (“Inspection”) of the proposed facility (“Facility”) to determine whether it can safely operate as an overnight shelter.
    1. TFD will provide a checklist.
  2. Provide the Inspection report, address of the Facility, and the shelter dates (“Use Date”) to Development Services[2] at City Hall.
  3. Development Services will issue a permit (“Permit”) This Permit will expire after the Use Date passes.
  4. Upon Notification of permit issuance by Development Services, The Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency (“TAEMA”)[3] will notify the temporary shelter that authorization has been granted and will formally request that the shelter open to assist with any significant event that has the potential to have significant consequences to the residents of the City of Tulsa.

Additional Information

Important Numbers:

[1] Tulsa Fire Department – 918-596-9444
[2] Development Services -918-596-9456
[3] Tulsa Area Emergency Management (TAEMA)- 918-596-9899