Joy in the Cause

Within our local community, we strive to support a variety of different socio-economic, need-based populations, many of whom, we have found, have “fallen through the cracks" of support from more main-stream charities and foundations. We help those who do not have, or cannot easily receive, the support of others. 

Whether it's through our Joy to the Rescue project – providing care backpacks to our first responders specially tailored for the needs of those they help (children in duress and facing traumatic situations)  or the Purpose Project – fostering “adoptions" of area senior care centers by local businesses and volunteer groups for monthly socialization visits, our Joy in the Adventure Project – encouraging families who are suffering the loss of a loved one to find joy in the adventure of life through fellowship with others traveling the same road, or in our Hope visits – delivering our own brand of Joy through home, hospital, or hospice visits.


Lisa Bain

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