Reach & Rise Mentoring Program

Children need someone to trust, someone to show them they have value, someone who cares.  Being a mentor to a child guarantees that at least one person cares about that child's well-being and wants to see that child succeed!

Mentors. ages 21+, are carefully screened and receive 15+ hours of training before being matched with a youth, ages 9-17. Once matched, mentor and mentee spend 1-3 hours per week in fun activities and community service.  Matches also will have full access to all YMCA branches to workout, swim and play.


*  21+ years old

*  15+ hours of training & security screening

*  Meet with youth 1-3 hours per week for a minimum of one year (flexible schedule)

*  Monthly logs & regular check-ins with Program Director


Susan Baston
Director, Reach & Rise Mentoring Program