Vision Tulsa

Last year, Tulsans passed Vision Tulsa — investing more than $140 million in the Arkansas River corridor. This commitment finally allows Tulsa to capitalize on its greatest natural resource, after more than 50 years of dreaming and planning as a community. 

Now we need your ideas, your creativity, and your passion to help us build one of its most iconic projects: the Arkansas River Zink Dam’s Pedestrian Bridge.

Just as the first bridge across the Arkansas River in 1917 marked “where east meets west,” this pedestrian bridge will connect The Gathering Place to west Tulsa’s neighborhoods and trails, serving as a gateway to the greatest gift of private parkland in America’s history. And just like that first bridge, it should be an iconic landmark for the city for decades to come.

Tulsa is a city built and shaped by the talent of its citizens. This pedestrian bridge should be no different. And so we’re asking for your vision of what this bridge can and should be, and why. Submit your renderings, photos, or drawings with a brief paragraph explaining why you chose this design: what it says about Tulsa, and how it connects to our community’s history and future.  The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 7, at midnight.

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